Vaughan & Martin Want You To "Like" Their New Project

Without embellishment, there are any number of comic fans for whom the names Brian K. Vaughan or Marcos Martin on the cover of a book make it an instant buy.

But in the near future, it appears the "Saga" writer and "Daredevil" artist will be combining their powers again. The high concept storyteller and the instantly recognizable stylist sent CBR a first look at art from a new mystery series.

"Marcos Martin is one of my favorite artists of all time," the writer told CBR in 2006 ahead of their acclaimed collaboration "Doctor Strange: The Oath." The pair have mentioned working together on and off since the wrap of that series, but whatever "Like" is referring to will be their first team-up since then.

As to what "Like" may refer to or where it'll appear, details are still scarce. Stay tuned to CBR News for more as it becomes available.

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