Vaughan, Martin & Vicente Debut New Panel Syndicate Series

Similar to the surprise launch of "The Private Eye," writer Brian K. Vaughan has announced another new digital-first series from Panel Syndicate with the release of its first issue. The series, "Barrier," reunites the "Private Eye" team of Vaughan, artist Marcos Martin and colorist Muntsa Vicente. Vaughan announced the series via Twitter.

Sorry to bother, but would you like to read a brand-new comic I created with Marcos Martin? https://t.co/OqdUe9NMgT pic.twitter.com/TYlHf9bqx4

- Brian K. Vaughan (@HeyBKV) December 1, 2015

The first issue is available for download now at Panel Syndicate in a number of un-encrypted formats (PDF, CBR and CBZ). The debut issue clocks in at 53 pages, and as with previous Panel Syndicate releases, readers can name their price for the comic

Vaughan, Martin and Vicente first surprised readers with the debut of "The Private Eye" back in March 2013, their first pay-what-you-want series. "Private Eye" ran for 10 issues, concluding in March of this year, and won both an Eisner and Harvey award.

Descendant #5

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