Vaughan & Martin Debut Name-Your-Price, DRM-Free, Digital "Private Eye"

UPDATE 9:52 AM PT: The PayPal issues has been resolved and PanelSyndicate is now accepting payment.

UPDATE: PayPal appears to have suspended PanelSyndicate's account temporarily. Those who attempt to pay for the comic are taken to a screen displaying the phrase, "This recipient is currently unable to receive money," the default message given when PayPal ceases to accept payments for accounts it flags for suspicious activity. In this case, a sudden flood of payments as the news of the comic broke likely tripped the company's fraud filters. CBR News has reached out to Vaughan for more information.

Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin may have officially set a record for quickest "teaser to release date" turnover. While many publishers tease books months before they appear, the creators have released theirs only hours after sending out their first batch of project hints.

As of today, readers can download the first issue of Vaughan and Martin's "The Private Eye" at PanelSyndicate.com. The comic is a serial story colored by Munsta Vicente and released at a Radiohead-esque "name your price" rate for a wide range of DRM-free digital formats including CBR, CBZ and PDF.

"It's just old-school comics, words and pictures, available in multiple formats and languages, yours to own forever, all DRM-free, whatever the hell that means, for any price you think is fair," the writer said in a statement. "Sorry, no plans for it to ever be in print.

"100% of anything you pay stays with the creators (us!), and helps fund the rest of a planned 10-issue series that Marcos and I are very proud of, a mystery set in our future, when everyone will have a secret identity. No powers, but lots of masks."

Check out the first installment of "The Private Eye" now and check back with CBR soon for more on the project.

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