Vasilis Lolos releases unfinished graphic novel <i>Freak-enstein</i> online

Vasilis Lolos is nothing if not creative. But the same creative mind that drew Pirates of Coney Island and collaborated on Pixu and 5 can sometimes go down a road that ends up a dead end. But Lolos isn't the kind of artist to throw it all away. This week, Vasilis Lolos put online -- for free -- an unfinished 80-page graphic novel that he'd been working on as far back as 2002.

"Somewhere in 2002-3 I had an idea for a comic, a Frankenstein tale set in a Metropolis world," explained the artist on his blog. "It was about a boy that had his heart stolen by an evil witch. He had to claim his self back from the owner of his heart. A quest troubled by the fact that he was in love with her (coz she was the owner of his heart, literally, har har)I did many takes on that idea, a couple of shorts and a load of illus. Then I put it on the back burner."

Lolos' comic currently goes under the moniker of Freak-enstein, and although he hasn't worked on it since 2004, Lolos has hopes to revisit it -- and re-do it -- someday.

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