Van Lente, Rosenzweig & Dinisio tap history in present day 'Resurrectionists'

Longtime readers of writer Fred Van Lente know well how much of a history buff he is. So it did not surprise me that his new ongoing series with artists Maurizio Rosenzweig and Moreno Dinisio, Resurrectionists, draws upon the past as a major fuel for the present day narrative. The creator-owned project builds upon the concept that certain people can utilize the knowledge and experience of their past lives.

What intrigues me most about the new Dark Horse ongoing is the seemingly unlimited potential for Van Lente to draw upon any historical era to service his storytelling purposes. The whole Resurrectionists concept is embodied in lead character Jericho Way, a former architect making a living as a thief. Albeit a high end artifact thief. Van Lente, Rosenzweig and Dinisio introduce the discovery of past lives in an interesting way--seemingly through a flashback scene that turns out to be a dream (or more exactly a nightmare) by Way.

This first issue uses the potential theft of The Egyptian Book of the Dead (circa 1070 BC) as a launching point for the past spinning influence on the present day story. Without getting bogged down too much into establishing the series infrastructure, Van Lente actually does a smooth job of introducing much of the supporting cast and hints at more to come. Also, Rosenzweig and Dinisio's art easily jump between the past and the present smoothly.

One cannot ask for much more in an opening issue.

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