<i>Vamps</i> Proves Vampire Fad Must Die

Vampires are so clearly over. How else to explain the very existence of Vamps, a movie that reteams Clueless writer and director Amy Heckerling with star Alicia Silverstone?

It gets worse; the movie - which has just added Curb Your Enthusiasm regular Richard Lewis to the cast - follows Silverstone's character, a "New York socialite" as she accidentally becomes vamped by Sigourney Weaver's queen vampire. Yes, it's "What if Paris Hilton was a vampire?". Shouldn't this be a one-scene-joke in a Scary Movie made five years ago or something? You know vampire popularity has jumped the nuked fridge or whatever the kids are saying these days when this is a real, actual movie. The final Twilights can't come soon enough.

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