Vampironica Channels McFarlane's Spider-Man on New Blood Homage Variant

Artist Julius Ohta has revealed his variant cover for Archie Comics' Vampironica: New Blood #1, which pays tribute to one of Marvel Comics' most iconic Spider-Man covers.

Ohta's New Blood variant sees Vampironica taking a crouched, three-point stance while surrounded by webbing. This is a direct homage to the cover of writer/artist Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #1, which first hit shelves in 1990. The instantly-recognizable cover has been homaged countless time (including by McFarlane himself), with Ohta's Archie Horror variant being only the latest example.

The homage variant can be pre-ordered through Stadium Comics, with two versions available. The "trade dress" cover is limited to 400 copies, whereas the textless "virgin" cover is limited to 250 copies. Both versions can be seen below.

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Due for release later this year, New Blood comes from writers Frank Tieri and Michael Moreci and artist Audrey Mok. Released under Archie Comics' Horror imprint, it is the second solo series starring Vampironica -- a vampiric alternate version of Archie Comics' Veronica Lodge.

The character made her debut in Greg and Meg Smallwood's Vampironica limited series in March of last year. New Blood is set after the events of Archie Horror's Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica. The crossover limited series was also written by Tieri, who was joined by his Jughead: The Hunger collaborators Pat and Tim Kennedy.

Following the crossover, New Blood sees Vampironica's return to her own universe. Upon coming home, the vampiric Lodge must contend with the lies and deception of her family, not to mention the trials and tribulations of oncoming maturity, which being undead certainly doesn't make any easier.

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Written by Frank Tieri and Michael Moreci and illustrated by Audrey Mok, Vampironica: New Blood #1 goes on sale Dec. 4 from Archie Comics.

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