Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 7: Pantha TPB

No one's gotten under Vampirella's skin quite like Pantha! Part goddess, part killer, totally dangerous,and undeniably seductive...

Pantha is many things, but never an easy target. Yet the madmen who relentlessly pursue her think otherwise. To them she is prey, just another beautiful trophy to claim as their own. But beauty is only skin deep. Beneath the surface there's a hunger they can not hope to escape, for as they soon discover, this cat's bite is far from gentle...

This volume features Vampirella vs. Pantha, by Mark Millar and Mark Texeira, and more hard-to-find stories from Vampirella by David Conway, Steven Grant, John Smith and Dan Jolley.

It's the very best of Pantha, all in one place!

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