Vampirella Masters Series Vol 6: James Robinson

For Vampirella only the best will do...

Vampirella has always been associated with some of the greatest names in the comic book industry, and writer James Robinson is at the top of this list of talented masters. For the sixth volume of the Vampirella Masters Series, Dynamite Entertainment has collected James Robinson's incredible vision of Vampirella; the senses-shattering tale, "Blood Lust," with art by Joe Jusko. This is Vampirella's journey to hell, with Adam Van Helsing, to uncover the truth of her existence. This is the story that re-wrote the book on Vampirella and her homeland of Drakulon.

This sixth volume of the Vampirella Masters Series includes the "Blood Lust" epilogue, originally not released with the original two-issue series, and an article illustrating how Joe Jusko worked from the script to thumbnail, draft and paint some sample pages. Also included are two classic Vampirella and Dracula short stories by James Robinson joined by the artistic talents of Ray Lago, David Mack and Rick Mays.

"Vampirella was so hot I used to buy every comic I could get my hands on. The fact she didn't exist didn't bother me because we have these quintessential female images in our minds..."

-James Cameron, Director of Avatar, Titanic, Aliens and Terminator

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