Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1: Grant Morrison & Mark Millar

Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. Their stories stand with the most daring and most imaginative comics ever made, and the duo brought their unique talents to VAMPIRELLA, working as a team to unleash some of their darkest visions.

Featuring the classic tales:

•"Ascending Evil" and "Hell on Earth", two landmark story arcs which introduced a harder-edged, take-no-prisoners Vampirella, dangerously obsessed with wiping vampires off the face of the earth. Brought to life by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Louis Small, Jr. and Rob Stull with additional art by Jae Lee and Joe Quesada, these stories will go down as some of the very best in Vampi's long history.

•"THE BLOOD RED GAME" by Morrison and Michael Bair. A spirit is loose, possessing innocent women and transforming them into serial killers who collect hearts for a demonic ritual. The next target--VAMPI!

•"A COLD DAY IN HELL" by Millar and Small. In this never-before-reprinted story, a conspiracy in the Antarctic threatens to blanket the world in endless night. Only Vampirella stands in their way.

"Vampirella was so hot I used to buy every comic I could get my hands on. The fact she didn't exist didn't bother me because we have these quintessential female images in our mind..." - James Cameron, Director of Avatar, Titanic, Aliens and Terminator

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