Vampirella gets trading cards from DF

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April 23, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamic Forces, Inc. and Harris Comics continue their licensing agreement by releasing updated information for the July shipping Trading Card Series.

"Vampirella has been a staple of comics for more than 30 years," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "She is comics premiere femme fatale and not only that, but the 'best of the best' have illustrated her throughout her publishing history! We're planning to bring that art to the forefront in our set."

This vibrant set will feature 72 base cards and include such great comic artists as: J. Scott Campbell, Mike Mayhew, Joseph Michael Linsner, Jae Lee, [Marvel Editor-In-Chief] Joe Quesada, Art Adams, Joyce Chen, Joe Jusko, Matt Busch, Bill Sienkiewicz, Adam Hughes, Mark Texeira, Brian Rood, UDON Studios, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tim Sale, Gary Frank, Ray Lago, David Mack, Rick Mays and more!

Plus, look for 'chase' cards to include: Signed Cards (6 per box) including "Blood Red" and "Blue Blood" ink, Chrome Cards, and Hand-Drawn Sketch Cards. Also Vampirella Super Model and fan favorite superstar Julie Strain will be signing cards, with one signed card guaranteed per box!

"When we first discussed this series with Harris Comics, we thought of a great way to set this release apart from all the rest of the Trading Cards out there," continued Barrucci. "And since Vampi is a comic book character, we thought 'Let's make a Comic Book Box Topper' and we're including a rare Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Vampirella special edition comic book in each and every box!"

Set for release this July, the Vampirella Trading Card Series is now available for pre-order from your local retailer, or from Dynamic Forces!


This trading card series is limited to ONLY 300 Ten box Cases IN THE WORLD! Pre-order now as allocations may occur

$71.64 Suggested Retail Price Per Box


Need a home for your DF Vampirella trading Cards? Well look no further faithful one because DF is producing a limited number of Vampirella Collector's Edition Trading Card Binders. And for the really cool collectors there's the deluxe version featuring an exclusive signed card NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!

$19.99 Suggested Retail Price for Regular Binder

$39.99 Suggested Retail Price for Deluxe Binder w/Signed Card

Retailers: Special Ordering Incentives available, featuring rare Blue and Red Foil Editions of the Special Comic Book Box Topper -- See Dynamic Forces for details!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases - including more Harris Comics and Vampirella Product, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com

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