Vampirella Artist Stands By Controversial Variant Cover


Although writer Paul Cornell and Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci quickly apologized for a "Vampirella" variant cover criticized by some as transphobic, artist Jimmy Broxton stands by his illustration and text, insisting, "I created the cover, I know what my intentions were and I make absolutely no apology for it what so ever."

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The variant, for the upcoming "Vampirella" #3, was intended as a pastiche of the more salacious covers of certain 1970s men's magazines, but Cornell acknowledged that in the approval process he overlooked the phrase “She was a he! I Found out the Hard Way!," explaining, "That’s a line that impacts the lives of real people. Indeed, let’s be blunt, ends the lives of real people. A number of people called us on this, and I got Dynamite to cut the line. It won’t be appearing on the finished comic. I saw the line and let it through, so this is my responsibility.”

Broxton, who created the image and wrote the text, wrote on Facebook, "First Batgirl, then Spider-Woman and more recently Iron Man, all comics featuring variant covers that kicked up a bit of fuss. It seems my variant cover for Vampirella #3 is next on that infamous list. it has upset a few folks (four of them as far as I know, could be more). I'm solely responsible for the cover, it was my idea, my art and my cover copy."

He elaborated in a response to a supportive comment, saying, "there is no bigotry on display, it lampoons all of those outdated notions, with humour, it in no way condones or legitimises abhorrent views. Anyone who thinks it does is wrong. I created the cover, I know what my intentions were and I make absolutely no apology for it what so ever. If a few people are offended, so what? Also, for the record the woman is not trans, she is female. The trolls who kicked off this nonsense got that wrong as well."

Broxton added on his own Facebook page, "As the sole individual responsible for this I do not apologise, I have absolutely nothing to apologise for, personally I think Paul and Dynamite should have risen above this nonsense and ignored the trolls who kicked it off, and I certainly did not want them to apologise on my behalf. That being said, everyone else can do, say and think what they like, as that’s just how I roll."

This morning Cornell tweeted, "this will be the last time I work with Jimmy Broxton," prompting the artist to respond, "So Paul has publicly sated [sic] he will never work with me again, presumably for disagreeing with him. For the record, I had no problem working with him, I was happy to agree to disagree."

"Vampirella" #3 goes on sale in May. Cornell has pledged to donate his fee for the issue to Trans Lifeline, while Dynamite has said it will "find an appropriate charity for which to place a free ad in all copies of this issue."

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