Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion #1

Story by
Art by
Jose Malaga
Colors by
Renier Petter
Letters by
Marshall Dillon
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

This Vampirella offshoot title sees Vampirella infiltrating some sort of vampire sex club and then liaising with a Catholic vampire kill crew. Every extreme base is covered, but I'm not sure either side goes far enough. This book is mildly amusing, fun in parts, but it needs to define itself and not just be another Vampirella story. This has to be the one that stands out.

Have you ever wanted to see Vampirella wrapped around the pole? This comic is going to come as close as we might ever get as a Vampirella clone-type works the pole just to lure men into the 'Champagne Lounge.' No matter the rules, some touching goes down back there. But this time it's the woman touching the men, with her fangs on their necks. It's the sort of sequence that someone obviously thought was cool but could not be done with Vampirella, herself, so a thin substitute is used to give us the same visuals with half the calories.

The Sisterhood is an interesting concept, and the strongest thing in this book, as a bunch of ass kicking religious hotties mask up and shoot crucifix styled wooden stakes at vampires' chests. They also shoot these goofy devices, in a more painful looking panel, at faces. These lasses wear a cross on their uniform and don't even use that convenient design element to show any skin. These girls are nothing if not consistent.

A trio of horny teens enter the tale to get us to the sexed up creep club and offer up innocent victims. I would care for these guys except one, who would appear to be tech savvy enough to hack a site, says "Someone sent me a link. I thought it was just spam, but then I clicked on it." That is not the method to work out if what you think is spam is actually the harmful virus or Trojan you feared. I both hate and love when people write technology into their scripts when they just don't get it. Based on this level of computer security I think these idiots deserve whatever vampires want to do to them.

The artwork is interesting because so much of the T&A that people pay for when they crack the covers on Vampirella comics is covered with shadow or sound effects or conveniently hidden with a turn of the character. I think with a tale centered on a sex club and knives penetrating throats and crucifix stakes into faces you can just acquiesce and draw the female form like the audience wants it. Go all out and see what happens. The sketchy image of an ancient text showing Vampirella as some sort of prophesy, red bikini and all, is awesomely laughable like seeing Bruce Campbell referenced in holy texts.

"Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion" is an interesting comic in parts, but doesn't feel like anything astoundingly creative. It has the air of average about it when anyone doing a Vampirella tale either needs to make it insane and metal and awesome, or they need to pack up and go home. Dynamite loves to get a character and then flood the market with content for that character, but they need to enforce quality control instead. Not that this comic is bad in any way, it's not terrible, but it's not giving much of a reason to be noticed.

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