Vampire Hunter D: The 10 Most Powerful Characters In The Movies

In the animated adaptations of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D novels, there are quite a few memorable characters. From humans that can kick more butt than some famous material artists, to immortal monsters that can take on anything, the vast array of compelling characters within these two films can be downright shocking.

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But whom among this laundry list of heroes and villains are the most impressive with their abilities? Well, jump onto your post-apocalyptic horse, and let's discover who the 10 Most Powerful Characters in the Vampire Hunter D Movies!

10 Leila Marcus

Unlike the 1985 OVA's lead female protagonist, Doris, Bloodlust's Leila is a woman who can hold her own without the protection of a masculine figure and has no fear of fighting any supernatural entity. Having grown up an orphan after her mother was turned into a vampire and later killed, Leila would eventually become part of the Marcus Brothers' team, working as a vampire hunter for the rest of her days.

Though only a human, Leila makes this list purely because, in her heart, she's an eternal fighter. She doesn't take no-nonsense from anybody and can easily kick anything to the curb that stands in her way. And having grown up in such a harsh environment and coming out on top, Leila is an inspirational heroine that we can all admire.

9 Rei Ginsei

With his signature red and grey hairstyle, devilish eyes and wicked smile, Rei certainly leaves quite an impression on the characters he encounters within 1985's Vampire Hunter D. And considering he has one of the most inventive of supernatural abilities seen on this list, it is no wonder that this mullet-rocking baddie has become a fan favorite within the franchise.

An employee of Count Magus Lee, Rei has time-altering abilities, making him always one step ahead of his opponents. He also has a thing (much like his boss) for pretty ladies, but will only help them out if he gets something in return. Perhaps these facts make him a jerk, but no one can deny he's got some impressive skills.

8 Benge

A monster of mystery, Benge is perhaps the most terrifying of the creatures working for Meier Link. With his disturbing make-up, ninja-like appearance, and demonic laugh, he sticks out in a crowd - or at least, if you can find him in one, that is.

Known for his ability to travel between and alter his opponent's status with shadows, Benge is no monster to underestimate. He may not have the brute strength of some of the other characters mentioned here, but with his overall intelligence, he can easily outsmart any fighter with a simple swipe to their silhouette.

7 Mashira

Just from his basic yet appealing design, Mashira might seem like your typical anime-style werewolf. He's got the build, the tiny fangs, the long hair - all the essential trimmings and trappings of a moon-howling baddie. But there's something about this employee of Meier's that is special - for he contains an extra and unique set of fangs.

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That's right - Mashira has a mouth that comes out of his stomach to kill his enemies. Though it might look like a silly metaphor for being hangry, this specific trait - along with this werewolf's resistance to death, makes him one of the more impressive entries on this list.

6 Caroline

Out of all the monsters showcased in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, the most striking of them is Caroline. Yes, she checks all the boxes that famous Batman villains like Poison-Ivy do with ease - but in Caroline's case, she has abilities even more fascinating than a majority of the baddies in Gotham.

With her green skin, medusa like-locks, and flying abilities, unlike the other hired help of Meier Links, Caroline is easily the most resourceful of the bunch. And considering that her only known "kryptonite" seems to be thunder or possibly fire, she's the most resistance to harm out of the three. Pair that with her airborne combat skills, and she's one creepy beauty you'll never forget.

5 Groveck Marcus

Does the thought of deadly superhuman hugs seem at all creepy? If so, then Grove (aka Groveck) might be the most triggering of individuals on this list. Though at first glance he seems the weakest of the Marcus Brothers, this bedridden, kind-hearted soul (at least in his cinematic adaptation) doesn't look at all like he'd pack one bit of a punch.

But when put under a medically induced seizure, Grove takes on a form that has no weakness to any attacks - but he has quite the opposite effect on his enemies. This mysterious ability makes him almost invincible - or at least until his mortal body becomes injured in the process. In some instances, Grove could be a god among men, but his vulnerability - much like the rest of us humans - always gets the best of him.

4 Magus Lee

Count Magus Lee is easily one of the most potent adversaries of D's - cinematically speaking. He's rarely met a foe he couldn't defeat, has a thing for the ladies, and oh yeah - happens to be an over 10,000-year-old vampire. And with his strong jaw, tall stature, and overwhelming laundry-list of abilities, this nobleman easily deserves a place on this list.

Introduced to audiences via his first encounter with the beautiful Doris in the original Vampire Hunter D OVA, Magus is a guy who doesn't care about following the rules - especially when he's have been living in the shadow of a King that has been missing for multiple centuries. Instead, Magus is a lord who lives on the edge - a fact that makes him a bonafide legend

3 Carmilla, The Blood Countess

With a long and complicated past, Carmila (much like Magus Lee) was part of the vampire nobility. Considered one of their most famous and majestic members, what history remembers Carmilla more for was her thirst for power. This tendency eventually got her killed by the Vampire King, making her a ghost that would haunt her home for thousands of years.

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In Bloodlust, we see that Carmilla is a vampire who will pull all the stops to get what she wants. And with her powers of illusion, disguise, and other unique abilities, Carmilla proves that she has no limits to the disturbing things she'll do to achieve her sick dreams and desires.

2 Meier Link

Though softer than Magus Lee, Meier Link is the kind of vampire who no matter how many times he gets kicked down, he never truly gives up. And considering this individual wears his vulnerabilities on his sleeve, Meier still never allows his enemies to get away quickly.

But the aspect that makes Meier so powerful is that he's the only vampire in both movies to be brave enough to go into the sun and survive. Did Magus dare have sunlight touch his skin? Nope. But Meier did - and he did it for love. And if that isn't the most powerful thing you've heard of, then maybe you're more soulless than you realize.

1 D

Rumored to be the descendant of the Vampire King, D may be a dhampir (half-vampire), but that doesn't mean he's any less of a formidable opponent against his foes. After all, he does have a talking left hand, a mysterious sword, and the kind-of expert fighting skills one would gain after thousands of years of existence.

But what makes D perhaps the most powerful of all the characters in the films (shown on screen, anyway) is his self-control. Unlike a majority of the vampires in the series, D does his best to hide his vampiric abilities - making him less likely to be distracted in combat. Pair that with his possible lineage, and his track record of defeating every nobleman that passes his way, and it is quite clear that this hunter deserves a place on this list.

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