Heart Of Dankness: 15 Hilarious Vampire Diaries Memes

You would be hard pressed to find a more loyal, obsessed fanbase than The Vampire Diaries. Based on the books by L.J. Smith, the series follows high school student Elena Gilbert as she finds out that the new cute boy in school is actually a vampire. Over eight seasons, Mystic Falls was attacked by vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. In the middle of all this craziness, the main characters fought, killed and loved one another. Literally in that order. Somehow these kids managed to stay close even though they kept dating and killing each other.

The show revolves around vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, which means every fan has a favorite brother and a serious opinion on who Elena belongs. It’s Damon by the way. For the record, the Mikaelson brothers could totally beat up the Salvatores in a fight. Of course, that’s a debate for another day. As such a diehard group of fans, it’s no surprise that they have created an endless amount of memes dedicated to Delena, Stelena, Steroline and Klaroline. If you’re reading about Vampire Diaries memes, you know what all those names mean. For all the fans still tweeting #TVDForever, here are the best memes to come out of Mystic Falls.


It’s not breaking news that vampires can’t have kids. Of course that doesn’t stop the characters of Vampire Diaries from trying. Before we go further, yes Caroline had children, but they were powerful witches, so magic was involved. Despite the fact that they’re all in high school at the start of the show, there is no shortage of hooking up among these teenagers. And none of their terrible parents think it’s weird how often they all change partners.

As the show progresses and more of them are turned into vampires, the physical relationships become even more prevalent throughout town. Bonnie and Damon might be the only pair who never got romantically involved. Damon is lucky vampires can’t have kids, because otherwise his whole fortune would go to child support.



One of the hallmarks of the show, other than disaster at a town event, was Elena and Damon being missing or kidnapped and the other, along with Stefan having to search for them. Whether it was Katherine, Klaus or evil Stefan, they had a hard time hanging on to one another.

Sometimes it lasted one episode, sometimes it went on through several, but it was always emotional and ended in a tearful reunion where they once again declared their love. It’s true that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were excellent in these scenes, but it did get a little ridiculous after awhile. Just for one last hurrah, the series finale revolved around Katherine taking Elena’s coffin and Stefan searching for it before they could finally kill her for good.


Bonnie spent the first few seasons really hating Damon, then they died and were trapped together and everything changed. They became best friends, with no one understanding him better. Not even Elena. Following their newfound respect for one another, Bonnie spent a big chunk of her remaining time on the show trying to save Damon.

Whether it was from himself or outside forces, Bonnie was always there to pull Damon back from the brink. She brought him back from a '90s-themed other side and then saved him from crazy siren Sybil. If you took a drink every time she said “I need to save Damon,” during season eight, you would be on the floor 10 minutes into the first episode. It’s not like Bonnie didn’t have to save everyone all the time, she just had to save Damon more than others.



No character on The Vampire Diaries loves life more than Damon. Not Katherine, Kai, party girl Caroline or ripper Stefan. When Damon shows up in Mystic Falls, he has one plan, make Stefan miserable and have fun doing it. What made him an instant hit with fans was the unapologetic, carefree way he lived life. The series opens with him killing two people and he kills a bunch more in the first five episodes.

Once he fell deeply in love with Elena, we only got glimpses of cool, bad boy Damon, but when he showed up, it was the highlight of every episode. Though he was being mind controlled, it was a nice callback for fans to see the return of season one Damon, during the show’s final season.


From the moment he showed up in Mystic Falls, Damon has been a lot of things. Brash, sexy, smart and deadly. The one thing he has never been is level headed. No matter what the problem is, his solution is always to rush in and kill as many people as possible. That’s his answer for everything. If we’re being honest that actually works against some of the big bads they’ve faced over the years.

Unfortunately, there are times when Stefan goes off the deep end and Damon is forced to become the logical Salvatore brother. When Stefan shuts off his humanity and becomes the ripper, it’s usually up to Damon as the big brother to keep his head and figure out how to save Stefan from himself. What makes it work is how much Damon hates being the responsible brother. It makes these tense situations hilarious.



Since the later seasons became so invested in Damon and Elena, and Stefan and Caroline, it’s easy to forget the show started off being about Stefan and Elena. They were the star crossed lovers that the show focused on. She was the girl who saved him from falling back into the darkness.

For the first four seasons, they had this epic, all consuming romantic story that fans loved watching. It was nice that after all the love and drama they had shared, they could stay close and still be devoted friends to each other. Stefan is always very clear about how much he loves Elena and it’s because of this he wants her to be happy, even if it’s with his brother. It’s the main reason he sacrifices himself in the final episode.


Damon and Stefan Salvatore have been fighting over the same girl for centuries. First it was Katherine Pierce, a woman they both loved, who turned them into vampires. It was their fight over Katherine that ruined their relationship. When Damon first came to town he was still trying to make Stefan’s life miserable because of Katherine.

It was the love of a girl that sparked a new chapter in their rivalry. The fact that Elena was Katherine’s doppelganger made everything even more intense. Though Stefan and Elena became a couple first, it’s obvious Damon and Elena fell much deeper in love. Even Stefan realized they were meant to be and eventually gave them his blessing. In a crazy twist, it was their love for the same girl that made them brothers again. She was able to help them find their way back to being best friends.



In season two the show introduced the original vampire family the Mikaelsons. Along with them came the storyline of the Petrova doppelgangers. Basically Elena, Katherine, and their other doppelgangers could be sacrificed as part of Klaus’ plan to awaken his werewolf half and have the full powers of a hybrid.

While this story got very confusing at times, it led to some great work from Nina Dobrev. She was able to bring very distinct differences to all the doppelgangers. Katherine continued to show up and wreak havoc on Elena’s life, always leading to a showcase for the actress. Katherine even spent several episodes taking over Elena’s body, so Dobrev was playing Katherine pretending to be Elena. She made it work and was able to make sense out of a crazy story.


One of the best villains the show ever introduced was Klaus Mikaelson, the head of the original vampire family. Joseph Morgan was so captivating, Klaus stuck around for awhile and was eventually given a spinoff with the rest of his siblings. Much like the Salvatores, there’s nothing he won’t do for his family.

While the Mikaelsons were on the outs in Mystic Falls, once they headed back to New Orleans for The Originals, it was them against the world. Attacks by their many enemies have led to Klaus sacrificing his own life and freedom to protect his siblings, daughter Hope, her mother Hayley and his true love Caroline. That is the short list of people Klaus is willing to die for, anyone else is considered fair game.



The only good thing to come out of Bonnie and Damon being trapped on the other side, was their unconditional friendship. Since they were stuck reliving the same day over, they became closer and discovered secrets that no one else knew. When Damon escaped without Bonnie, he didn’t forget about her and got the others to help rescue her.

Later, when Bonnie’s life was magically tied to Elena’s, their friendship was further tested. This became a real question when he saved her from being hit by a car and she wondered if he had hesitated. She learns everything she needs to know about how much their friendship means to him, when he explains he knows just how long it would’ve taken to let that car hit her. For those who wonder why fans keep rooting for a guy like Damon, this is why.


Since the moment it premiered The Vampire Diaries has been locked in a battle of ships. Fans have had serious fights over who is the best couple in Mystic Falls. Is it Delena or Stelena? Is it Steroline or Klaroline? For the record the answers are Delena and Klaroline. Damon was ready to give up immortality for Elena and Klaus promised Caroline he would be her last love. It’s possible we’re not done with Klaroline, as there’s one more season of The Originals left and we could see Candice King’s Caroline come back into Klaus’ life.

The one thing these pairs have in common is that it took two amazing women to turn two stone cold killers into slightly less crazy killers. Let’s face it, Damon and Klaus are still very dangerous, they’re just a lot more charming and sweet about it now.



Of all the rules one must follow to stay alive in Mystic Falls, perhaps the most important is don’t attend any big public events or parties. Literally no event ever happens without a disaster or supernatural attack resulting in multiple deaths. From the Miss Mystic Falls pageant to the Sheriff deputy graduation to Alaric and Jo’s wedding, there is an endless list of bloody parties in the town’s history.

Seriously, if you are invited to someone’s birthday party in Mystic Falls, decline and stay home. It’s just safer that way. As a matter of fact, you really should just move to a town without vampires. In the show’s final episode Stefan and Caroline finally got married, but before all the fire and death happened, Damon made sure everyone was there to have a good time by compelling them to.


It’s only natural that there would be a lot of talk about who were the better vampires, The Salvatores or the Cullens. The Vampire Diaries reached the height of its popularity the same time as Twilight. While there is most likely a lot of crossover among the fans, it’s one of those fun fan debates like Marvel vs DC.

Just so it’s clear, Damon and Stefan would wipe the floor with Edward. He would be busy writing a love poem while they just ripped out his heart. The only time Edward ever fought, it was to protect Bella and he didn’t seem very happy about it. The Salvatores love a good fight. They revel in it. And yes, it’s ridiculous that a vampire would sparkle in the sun, when every established mythology has said they would burst into flames and die.



With all the focus on the brothers and their issues, it’s easy to forget this story started with three friends in high school on the road to discovering themselves. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie have been through more than any friends could ever imagine and they’ve only grown closer. When Caroline became a vampire, they were there to help her deal with it, and then repaid the favor when Elena went through the same thing. When Bonnie’s boyfriends kept dying Caroline was there to keep her from losing faith.

When Elena was cursed to sleep so Bonnie could live, the trio had one sweet last hangout, vowing that they would always be together. After the dust had settled and Bonnie found a way to break the curse, the girls were once again reunited and things came full circle back to three friends who would now do anything to protect each other.


When the show began with the cute new boy in school getting everyone’s attention. Caroline vowed that she was going to get Stefan. He was a 145-year old vampire who didn’t want to hurt her feelings, plus he was interested in Elena and tried to let her down easy.

The thing about Caroline Forbes is, she’s a very determined woman and she never leaves a project unfinished. Though it took her awhile and becoming a vampire herself, she finally got her man when she married Stefan in the series finale. The twist in their romance is that it was Stefan who ended up chasing her, telling her that he would wait until she was ready for him. Everyone in Mystic Falls knows you never doubt Caroline.


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