'Vampi: Vicious' by McKeever and Dogan hits stores July

Official Press Release

This July, Anarchy Studios is proud to unleash VAMPI: VICIOUS, a new continuing series written by Sean McKeever (The Waiting Place, Inhumans) with art by Omar Dogan (XIN).

VAMPI: VICIOUS takes place clear out of the scope of the previous VAMPI series. Though the face is familiar, everything else is different.

"First off," McKeever explained, "we're bringing Vampi to a new locale: the massive, corporate-run megalopolis of New Chicago. I'm taking the idea that politicians are corporate puppets and projecting a future where big business puts itself in a position to just cut out the middle man and drop the pretense. And New Chicago is run by a corporation named XanCorp.

"We jump into her new life and life's purpose, which is essentially to help people who, like Vampi herself, have been tortured, maimed or otherwise used as unwilling test subjects 'in the name of science and progress'. So when she hears about a place that exists solely to use humans as cattle in order to produce drugs, weapons and weird, crazy, occultish stuff, she's all about shutting it down for good."

In VAMPI: VICIOUS, the title character will not be alone in her crusade.

"One of the things I'd like to develop with this series is a supporting cast," McKeever continued, "and I think anyone who's read my teen drama work like The Waiting Place knows that a solid, believable cast is a must for me. So expect to see Vampi interacting with some interesting characters who are powerful in their own right. It's Vampi's book--that hasn't changed--but it will have something of an ensemble-cast feel to it.

"And what those who've read my other work might not know is that I can write me some action!"

Busy building this new world is Omar Dogan who made his mark on XIN: LEGEND OF THE MONKEY KING and moves to Anarchy's flagship to strut his stuff.

"This opportunity is fantastic! I'm so glad to be working with Sean, because there aren't enough McKeever/UDON collaborations," Dogan laughed. "I think that this series is going to be something special."

"I'm really excited about this project. Each new piece of art that arrives from Omar just jump starts me for it all," editor Maureen McTigue said. "And having Sean join us over in our little dark side of the world is a pleasure. He's a joy to work with... no, he didn't pay me to say that."

Check out http://anarchy-studios.com/ for more information as, well as March's ANARCHY STUDIOS FLIP BOOK (Diamond Order Code: JAN 031919) featuring teasers for XIN: JOURNEY OF THE MONKEY KING and VAMPI: VICIOUS.

VAMPI: VICIOUS is in stores this July.

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