Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie is Already Being Looked at for Marvel Games


Today, Marvel revealed that the fifth and final member of the upcoming Exiles comic would be none other than Valkyrie. But instead of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed character, this version will be based on Tessa Thompson's portrayal of the character from the film Thor: Ragnarok, from her looks to her personality. But that's not all. Marvel has made it clear that this is just the beginning for the new Valkyrie. Bill Rosemann, executive creative director of Marvel Games, said the character will be included in future video games.

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Rosemann left the matter at that, though the possibilities are certainly intriguing. Currently, Thompson's Valkyrie -- known primarily as Scrapper 142 in the film -- exists in two different video games: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and Marvel's Avengers Academy. Logically speaking, it's a safe bet that the character will show up in Marvel Puzzle Quest or Marvel Strike Force, the upcoming mobile RPG due later this year.

However, there are also new worlds for her to exist in, and one of them would be Square Enix's in-progress slate of Marvel games, currently dubbed The Avengers Project. Its stated goal is to help bring the House of Ideas back into the world of big console games.

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The Avengers Project currently only has one trailer, and it paints a dark picture. Going off the trailer, it looks like the Avengers are either missing or dead, and the voiceover promises that new heroes will need to rise in their place. There's no reason that Scrapper Valkyrie couldn't be one of those new heroes to rise; the main Avengers team has more often than not had a God or Asgardian in its lineup, and with Odinson Thor apparently out of the picture, this would be the perfect time to bring her in. Big budget video games are the best way to make people aware of fairly obscure comic book characters; why else would someone like Swamp Thing or Atrocitus be in Injustice 2?

It's a likely possibility that Square Enix's Avengers Project will see some of our Mightiest Heroes get their own solo games in addition to team titles, which means that Thor -- be it Odinson or Jane Foster -- will have a solo game of their own. Should that end up being the case, it'd be a good avenue to bring in Scrapper Valkyrie; Thor stories as of late tend to be incredibly cosmic and bring in the supporting cast in new and surprising ways. AAA games have only recently really begun to have black women in substantial roles, and Square is definitely paying attention to how fans fell in love with characters such as Wolfenstein II's Grace Walker.

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Another possibility for Scrapper Valkyrie to show up would be in Kingdom Hearts III. Though Square Enix hasn't confirmed it yet, it's incredibly likely that the action-RPG will feature at least one world based on Marvel, be it the comics or the Cinematic Universe. The cosmic landscape of Marvel is rich and fertile with visual variety, making it a shoo-in to potentially be included for KHIII. Square would have to tone her down a bit to fit with the rest of the Disney cast, but she'd still be someone fun to fight with alongside Thor, Donald and Goofy. Not to mention that Scrapper Valkyrie was robbed of an interesting pair of weapons in Raganrokmace hands that would certainly lend themselves the world of video games.

One thing is certain, though: Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie isn't going away any time soon, and that's just awesome.

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