Valiant Unveils Cover for "Harbinger: The Beginning"

Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY - Valiant Entertainment today unveiled the fully colored dust jacket cover art for the HARBINGER: THE BEGINNING hardcover collection, in stores August 29 th . The cover was penciled by original Valiant creator Bob Hall ( Shadowman ) and inked by Joe Rubenstein ( Daredevil ).

The deluxe hardcover collects the full Harbinger origin story ( Harbinger #0-7) for the first time ever and includes an all-new "Origin of Harada" story by Jim Shooter and Bob Hall that features the first appearance of a new key Valiant character! Harbinger #0-7 has been digitally recolored and remastered using the latest techniques, melding this classic story with modern execution to more accurately showcase the intended vision for Harbinger #0-7 than ever before.   All digital recoloring and remastering was overseen by original Valiant colorists and creators.

Harbingers are human beings with extraordinary powers of the mind. Throughout history, these dangerous abilities tended to lie dormant, emerging in occasional bursts that are brought on by stress. This all changed when Japanese tycoon Toyo Harada, the world's most powerful Harbinger, established the Harbinger Foundation. Hoping to study other Harbingers and the full extent of their abilities, Harada decided to use his vast power and resources to change the world for the better, no matter the cost. He recruited other Harbingers and created programs to teach them how to control their abilities. Soon after, the Foundation discovered the existence of Peter Stanchek, the only Harbinger who can rival Harada's own Godlike powers.

Harbinger reinvented the superhero team genre and became one of the most successful comic series of the 1990s, selling over 5 million comic books. The classic story of Sting's band of renegade teenagers with extraordinary powers of the mind and their battle against Japanese tycoon Toyo Harada took the comics industry by storm in 1992.

HARBINGER: THE BEGINNING (JUN073932), published by Valiant Entertainment, is solicited in the June Previews (Volume XVII #6) and scheduled to arrive in comic book stores nationwide on August 29 th , 2007.  The book marks the milestone return of comics legend Jim Shooter and is a full-color 200 page hardcover with a suggested retail price of $24.95. 

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