Valiant teams with Catalyst Game Labs for 'Valiant Universe RPG'

Valiant Entertainment has announced an agreement for Catalyst Game Labs to produce role-playing and tabletop games based on its comic properties, a partnership that will kick off later this year with the release of Valiant Universe RPG.

Using the Cue System, the Origins and ENnie Award-nominated system first published in Catalyst’s Cosmic Patrol, Valiant Universe RPG will allow gamers to play any of dozens of characters -- from X-O Manowar to Bloodshot to Shadowman -- in a "dark and gritty world where every mission and every battle has deadly consequences."

“Catalyst is exceptional at what they do, and we couldn’t be happier to be working with a games publisher of their caliber on Valiant’s very first RPG," Valiant's Russell A. Brown said in a statement. "With such a skilled an enthusiastic team at the helm, we have every faith that Valiant’s first foray into the world of role-play and tabletop gaming will live up to the expectations of our fans around the world."

The announcement follows IDW Publishing's recent entry into gaming through a partnership with Pandasaurus Games; a Kill Shakespeare game is scheduled to arrive in May.

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