Valiant & Sony's Harbinger Movie Taps New Screenwriters

Valiant Entertainment has spent the last several years building its own popular and successful world of superheroes in comics, and are soon set to bring their fan-favorite properties to the big screen. After shuffling their release order around a bit, Valiant and Sony Pictures decided that "Harbinger" would be the first movie in their shared universe of films. As of today, "Harbinger" has a pair of screenwriters set to rewrite an earlier draft.


According to Deadline, Justin Tipping and Joshua Beirne-Golden will be drafting the rewrite to "Harbinger," which is being produced by Original Film’s Toby Jaffe and Valiant's own Dinesh Shamdasani. It tells the story of Peter Stanchek, who leads a team of superpowered Psiots, on the run from the wealthy and godlike Toyo Harada.

At one point "Bloodshot" was going to be the first movie in Valiant's shared universe. The property tells the story of a regenerating, nano-powered super-soldier, trying to restore his lost memories. In the comics, Bloodshot and Harada are connected, eventually leading to the crossover "Harbinger Wars," which has also been announced as a film from Valiant.

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Valiant is also producing a webseries called "Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe." Although featuring some of the same characters, the two projects are not otherwise connected.

The "Harbinger" movie is aiming for a 2018 release.

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