Abnett and Ryp Launch New Rai Series at Valiant

Valiant Entertainment's first original hero, Rai, is returning in an all-new ongoing series by Dan Abnett and Juan José Ryp.

"Rai is a classic Valiant character with a great history and vast potential," Abnett told TheWrap. "This series is an exciting mix of post-apocalyptic action and high-tech superheroics, an exploration of a strange new world, a quest…and the strange new world happens to be Earth!"

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"True to the spirit of Valiant, this story’s got a blend of action, sci-fi, a little horror, and a lot of character," he continued. "It’s the perfect place to join in if you’re a new reader and you want to find out why people are raving about Valiant books."

Rai was created by Jim Shooter and Paul Creddick and debuted in 1991's Magnus Robot Fighter #5. The character was originally depicted as a spirit guardian who protected 41st-century Japan. However, the mantle was passed down from father to son and as such, there have been a number of incarnations of Rai throughout the character's history. In the new series, Rai will attempt to eliminate Father, the AI responsible for creating him.

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Rai #1, by Dan Abnett and Juan José Ryp, goes on sale November 20 from Valiant.

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