Valiant's Quantum & Woody Return With New Creative Team in 2020

Quantum and Woody, touted as the World's Worst Superhero Team, are set to make a comeback from Valiant Entertainment in early 2020. The duo's most recent series came to a close at the end of 2018, but now, writer Chris Hastings and artist Ryan Browne are picking up the threads of the story and continuing the tale of Eric Henderson and Woody Van Chelton.

The pair originally debuted, in a slightly different form, in 1997 from Acclaim Comics, and were created by veteran comics industry pros Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright. The basic story of two men linked by power bracelets that must be "klanged" together once every 24 hours or they will disperse into random energy has remained the same in the three extant volumes, and Hastings and Browne appear to have no plans to change this aspect.

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The first volume of the series lasted approximately 3 years and was known for its bizarre plots, its rapid-fire comedic dialogue and its decidedly non-linear style of narration. Later versions of the series eschewed the narrative experimentation and rebooted the characters to make the pair adoptive brothers rather than best friends who have drifted apart. The rebooted series, produced 13 years after the end of the original, lasted 13 issues and was followed up by a 5-issue revisitation of the original version of the characters, helmed by the original creative team. A third volume appeared in late 2017, and the fourth, forthcoming volume will be in stores in Jan. 2020.

Although the series will pick up from the events that ended the previous series, writer Hastings notes that "It's not a full on reboot, but it's not strictly captive to either continuity either," in reference to the original and rebooted versions of the characters. He goes on to suggest that as more and more history accumulates around a character or characters, "it's okay...to shave off some of the specifics of certain bits of history, while remaining true to the larger truths of the characters and the world."

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Though cleaving to the atmosphere of chaos and absurdity that the series is known for, Hastings looks outside of the series, and comics in general, for inspiration, citing both Brooklyn Nine-Nine ("tight, moving and high energy [story] with lovable characters") and The X-Files ("balancing 'monster of the week' one-and-dones with longer term mysteries"). He also compared the duo to characters like Deadpool or Plastic Man, claiming that "You need a little comedy in a superhero universe."

Quantum and Woody will be providing that comedy to the Valiant Universe once again when the first issue of their new series hits comic store shelves on Jan.29, 2020. Along with Hastings and Browne, the issue will be colored by Ruth Redmond and lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, with covers by David Nakayama, David Lopez, Dave Johnson and Erica Henderson.

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