Valiant Plans For "Unity" In Winter 2013

With Free Comic Book Day 2013 around the corner, individual issues have begun to surface with details on what to expect from publishers for the rest of 2013. An ad at the end of Valiant Entertainment's FCBD offering teases "Unity" for winter 2013 with a full logo treatment. CBR has obtained a photo of the teaser, which was referenced yesterday on the CBR Forums by user thewarning.

In addition, the issue contains teasers featuring the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak and H.A.R.D. Corps, all for Summer 2013.

"Unity" was the name of Valiant's line-wide crossover event in 1992, which comprised of 18 issues that told the story of Erica Pierce, the Mothergod, as she attempted to rewrite reality and restore her original universe. Included in the crossover were "Eternal Warrior," "Archer & Armstrong," "X-O Manowar," "Shadowman," "Harbinger" and more. The name "Unity" was used again in 1999 for Jim Shooter and Jim Starlin's "Unity 2000" mini-series during the Acclaim years, which was meant to tie together the original Valiant Universe and the Acclaim Valiant Universe. However, the six-issue mini was cancelled after the third issue due to administrative problems.

While it's currently unknown whether the "Unity" teased in Valiant's FCBD issue is another crossover, past evidence would certainly suggest it. However, Valiant also teased the Eternal Warrior and Rai in its 2012 FCBD offering, with only an appearance by Eternal Warrior in "Archer & Armstrong" during 2012. A "Unity" logo has the potential to be a crossover event, but without further context, it's difficult to speculate.

CBR reached out to Valiant representatives for comment, but did not receive a response by time of press.

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