Valiant Initiates innovative Retailer Direct Program

Official Press Release

New York, NY– Valiant Entertainment LLC, publisher of the Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover collection featuring an all-new story by comics legend Jim Shooter, today announced the Valiant Retailer Direct program that allows retailers to purchase the new Harbinger: The Beginning hardcover directly from Valiant Entertainment at a massive 56% discount off the suggested retail price.

The book was previously solicited in Diamond Comics' June Previews (JUN073932) and was scheduled to arrive in stores on August 29th. After careful review and discussion, Diamond Comics and Valiant Entertainment mutually agreed that Harbinger: The Beginning will be distributed via the Valiant Retailer Direct program and not through Diamond Comics Distributors.

"The Valiant Retailer Direct program ensures that Valiant readers receive Harbinger: The Beginning within a few days of its scheduled release date, while removing the unnecessary burden on a third party distributor until a current legal dispute is resolved and giving Valiant Entertainment the opportunity to form relationships directly with valuable retail customers," said Walter Black, Senior Vice President & Publisher of Valiant Entertainment.

The Valiant Retailer Direct program allows Valiant to distribute directly to retailers and fulfill orders for Harbinger: The Beginning at a massive 56% discount off the suggested retail price! Retailers should have received notification of the change in distribution and information on the Valiant Retailer Direct program. If not, retailers should email Valiant at inquiries@valiantentertainment.com with the subject: Valiant Retailer Direct and will promptly receive ordering information. Please allow 10 days for delivery and note that only retailer orders will be fulfilled.

HARBINGER: THE BEGINNING (JUN073932), published by Valiant Entertainment LLC, is on sale now. The hardcover collects Harbinger issues #0-7 digitally recolored and remastered, and includes the all-new "Origin of Harada" story written by comics legend Jim Shooter featuring the first appearance of a new key Valiant character. Harbinger was one of the most popular comics of the 1990s, selling over 5 million comic books. The 200-page hardcover has a suggested retail price of $24.95 and marks the milestone return of comics legend Jim Shooter!

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