Valiant Reveals Harbinger Wars 2 Details, With 2 Comics in 1 Issue

Valiant will introduce a new comic format for its 2018 crossover event Harbinger Wars 2. The creative teams behind X-O Manowar (writer Matt Kindt and artist Tomas Giorello) and Secret Weapons (writer Eric Heisserer and artist Raul Allen) will unite for 44 pages of content to tell two complete, 22-page stories in Harbinger Wars 2 for $3.99.

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“The team at Valiant has set out to make Harbinger Wars 2 the biggest and most impactful comic book event in a generation,” Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani said in a statement. “Never before has a publisher attempted to accomplish this much within the confines of the monthly ‘event comic’ format. For one single admission price, we’re going to be giving readers twice the page count, twice the creative firepower, and twice the scale of a standard comics crossover – all while hopefully redefining expectations of what these kinds of stories can accomplish.”

The first story, by Kindt and Giorello, is set on the East Coast, where the Harbinger Renegades face off with X-O Manowar, who's returned to Earth after his space odyssey to confront Harbinger's Peter Stanchek about his decision to construct an army of psiots. Stancheck is seeking revenge against the U.S. government after the HARD Corps massacred Generation Zero.

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The second story, by Heisserer, Allen and Patricia Martín, follows Livewire and her team of Secret Weapons on the West Coast as she knocks out America's power grid, which in turn forces her former allies Bloodshot and Ninjak after her in a blacked-out California. Looming in the background is OMEN, a deep-black military contractor that's been tasked with identifying, evaluating, and if need be, eliminating all psiots and threats that pose a threat to civilians.

Harbinger Wars 2 debuts May 2, 2018, just days before Free Comic Book Day. More information will be revealed Friday during the "Valiant Presents Harbinger Wars 2" panel at New York Comic Con.

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