Valiant's Doctor Mirage Returns With a New Series & a New Mystery

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While an old saying claims that dead men tell no tales, that's never been the case for the Valiant Entertainment hero Doctor Mirage. With the ability to see and speak to the dead, Shan Fong helped the deceased solve their own deaths and became America's favorite supernatural detective.

However, Doctor Mirage's death-defying days might be coming to an end in Magdalene Visaggio, Nick Robles, Jordie Bellaire and Dave Sharpe's Doctor Mirage series.

In the upcoming series, Doctor Mirage will find herself completely cut off from the dead. Without the spirit of her late husband Hwen or a chorus of undead voices to guide her, Shan will find herself in a strange and silent world.

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"We're going to visit the parts of Hell even the devil is afraid to go," Visaggio said. "I get to tell a story about someone in her own personal year zero, rebuilding her life from its literal wreckage."

As Doctor Mirage tries to figure out what happened to her powers, the series will also explore the mystical side of the Valiant Universe.

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"The genre offers a lot of chances to play with texture, patterns, and things that depict magical and ethereal subjects in fun ways," Robles said. "I'm having a lot of fun with ways to push and pull this wonderfully weird comic that we're creating."

Doctor Mirage, by Magdalene Visaggio, Nick Robles, Jordie Bellaire and Dave Sharpe is set to begin this August.

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