Valiant Curls Up With Cat Cosplay Variant Covers

If there's one thing the internet has taught us, it's that cats make everything better.

Valiant will prove that true once again in December with its series of cat cosplay covers, on which ordinary household pets are transformed into the publisher's best-known superheroes, ranging from Archer & Armstrong to Faith to Ninjak. Photographed by the crew at the Cat Cosplay of the Feline Variety blog, the felines wearing custom-made costumes will appear on the covers of 10 Valiant titles.

As if photos of kitty cosplayers weren't incentive enough to buy the variants, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC), a nonprofit organization that operates a no-kill shelter for cats and dogs.

"This might be the single best thing anyone anywhere has done, ever," Valiant Assistant Editor Lauren Hitzhusen said in a statement. "All of Valiant’s numerous accomplishments – the biggest debut of a new publisher in more than a decade, the best reviews in the industry, a record-setting 50 nominations at this year’s Harvey Awards – pale in comparison to the glory that you now behold before you. But, all joking aside. … No, really, this is the best."

These variant covers will appear in the following issues:

A&A: The Adventures Of Archer & Armstrong #10Bloodshot U.S.A. #3 (of 4)Britannia #4 (of 4)Divinity III: Stalinverse #1 (of 4)Faith #6Generation Zero #5Harbinger Renegades #2Ninjak #22Savage #2 (of 4)Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #14

You can preorder these variant covers at your local comic shop now. They'll hit shelves in December.

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