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Faith Herbert was a huge comic book buff, so when she discovered she could fly? Well, she was totally into it.

Here she is on the cover of the first issue of Harbinger (she's the one, you know, flying).

She was definitely the heart of the group, as she was by far the most sensitive of the group.

She was also the star of one of the best single Valiant issues that I can think of, Harbinger #13 (the one with the Dark Knight Returns parody cover), which was written and drawn by the great David Lapham, which examined a day in the life of Faith. It was a heartfelt, compelling and still fairly unique at the time (nowadays, it seems more comics are "Days in the life" than are superhero stories).

After it was revealed that Harada was secretly controlling Pete Stanchek's Harbinger crew, Faith was left amnesiac without her friends. She ended up joining Harada's Harbinger Foundation, as the focus of the series shifted to her and her new group of friends.

Ultimately, she would regain her memories, and, after being compelled by a time-traveling Magnus the Robot Fighter (I do not recall if she knew he was the son of her friends Torque and Kris), Faith decided to form a NEW resistance to Harada, and it was this new Harbinger Resistance Movement that would ultimately (after fifty years or so) take Harada down.

A nice character to end on, eh?

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