Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - Y

Here's a tricky one, but it's for a good book.


Yasuiti Motoniya

Yasuiti was a member of an order of monks who fought against the evil of the Warlord Akuma and Akuma's twelve evil underlings. After a great many battles, the order successfully banished Akuma and his men from reality - but they knew it was only a matter of time before he gained the strength to return to our reality - so they kept themselves always ready.

However, the order of monk was not replenished by new blood, so soon, only one monk who knew the true tale of what they had done to Akuma remained - Yasuiti.

Desperate for someone who could fight Akuma and his men when they inevitably returned, Yasuiti went to the United States, where he began creating games with secret puzzles within them so that only the brightest, innovative minds could solve them.

Board games did not work.

Role playing games did not work.

However, during the 1990s, a video game of Yasuiti's DID become a hit, and ultimately, a young teen named Denny Meechum solved the puzzle of the game, and Yasuiti gave this young boy all the powers of the order, and Denny became the hero known as...Ninjak!!

This was Kurt Busiek's new take on the old Valiant character, Ninjak, and it was probably the best revamp (heck, it was probably the only particularly good revamp - even a quality series like X-O Manowar did not improve on the original concept), as the original Ninjak was a fairly bland concept (he was a British ninja - that was about it).

The series was Busiek's take on Spider-Man if he was in the 1990s. It had great art from Neil Vokes (inked by a young Mike Avon Oeming!).

Eventually, the original Ninjak even showed up!

Sadly, the series only lasted 12 issues.

It was fun while it lasted, though!

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