Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - V

The character find of 1997!


Vincent Van Goat

Vincent was first introduced in the third issue of Quantum and Woody as a joke. Quantum and Woody are on a cross-national goose chase, and in their journey, they end up purchasing a goat for whatever reason. Woody, though, puts the goat to good use by getting some monks to break their vow of silence to give them information - or else he'll shoot the goat in the head in front of them.

The goat then spawned a contest for fans to name him. There ended up being a tie - Vincent Van Goat and HAEDUS (Heavily Armed Espionage Deadly Ãœber-Sheep).

He then gained a super power - the power of teleportation. But much like the hilarious time traveling snake and bacon of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, just because he can teleport, does not mean that he can do anything else. So that's what he would do - he would teleport but otherwise act just like a goat.

This led to Valiant producing a Vincent Van Goat "inaction" figure.

And, finally, Vincent got his own one-shot, with art by Keith Giffen and Charles Adlard!

Then Quantum and Woody was canceled.

But while it lasted, the goat was awesome!

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