Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - T

Here is a title that I think best symbolizes Valiant's history.


Doctor Tomorrow

Doctor Tomorrow was the brainstorm of Bob Layton. It was a hero who, over the span of the 12 issue maxi-series, would evoke various periods in comic book history.

Great high concept, right?

Just like Valiant.

Then, the top of the line creators who were going to help out during the series fell through, as I believe money problems took an issue, so they could not do the series justice.

Just like Valiant, when they began to skimp towards the end.

Then Bob Layton was pushed off his own project, and the series ended with a different writer, then it all ended without any fanfare.

Just like Valiant.

It started off strong, was weak towards the end and then ended in a sad, disappointing heap.

Still, when it was going well at the beginning, this was a brilliant concept by Layton - a nice ode to comic book history.

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