Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool - K

Here is yet another unique Valiant character!!


Kris Hathaway

That's Kris driving the car.

Kris Hathaway was a smart, centered teenage girl who was in love with her boyfriend, Pete Stanchek, when he got caught up in the war between himself and the evil Toyo Harada.

The problem was that Kris was being FORCED to think these feelings for Peter, by his mind-control powers that he did not realize he had.

It is a great testament to her spirit that she was willing to continue on the same team as him, but she was devoted to their cause, even if she was not a superpowered being, herself.

Eventually, Kris began a relationship with her fellow teammate, Torque, the gentle giant of the team, and she ultimately bore his child - but not before Torque was killed in battle.

To add more pain upon her, Kris was forced to give her child up to the future - her and Torque's son grew up in the future to become...well...more on that later. ;)

Kris was definitely the brains of Harbinger, and she was an intriguing, complex character.

Well done by Jim Shooter, David Lapham and Maurice Fontenot - all of them wrote her well.

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