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Today we look at one of the more intriguing group of characters in the Valiant Universe.



Geomancers were these figures who would show up, one per generation, and they would use their connections to the Earth to aide the heroes of the Valiant Universe by tipping them off about stuff. They were sort of like the Watcher, only they were ALLOWED to interfere.

During the Valiant days, there were two main Geomancers. The more prominent of the two was my favorite, Geoff McHenry, who was a Geomancer even though he was just a kid himself. I gotta hand Jim Shooter and Bob Layton a lot of credit for the work they did with Geoff, making him stand out - just a normal kid who happened to be one of the most important people on Earth. Geoff always seemed to have a good head above his shoulders, and it always impresses me when writers allow for occasional characters who are just plain ol' normal, good people - Geoff was one of those types of people.

His biggest exposure, I suppose, was when he was the Dr. Strange to the Secret Defenders that was Secret Weapons (seriously, it was almost the exact same concept as the Secret Defenders, only with Geoff instead of Dr. Strange)...

Sadly, Geoff was replaced as Geomancer for awhile when Geomancer got his own book for a time. This time, it was Geoff's gritty blind uncle Clay McHenry, who was not a bad character, but he paled in comparison to Geoff (or even Buck McHenry, the Geomancer before Geoff - who we saw in flashbacks occasionally).

Geoff's true successor, Lucinda Mendez, was probably the next most notable Geomancer (there were Geomancers in the comics set in the future, too, like Magnus - who, by the by, was sent to the future BY Geoff McHenry!!).

Marvel and/or DC should try having a character like the Geomancers - I'm sure there already are characters who are SORT of like them. They're good characters.

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