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Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – E

by  in Comic News Comment
Valiant Comic Book Alphabet of Cool – E

Today, we look at one of the toughest Valiant characters.

Eternal Warrior

You know, it’s interesting, for one of their coolest characters, Gilad Anni-Padda’s comic book did not have all that many standout issues, even when John Ostrander came on to write the last twenty issues of the book’s 50 issue run.

Which is too bad, because the idea of an extremely tough immortal guy who is a great fighter? That’s a nice hook for a comic book.

After a decent enough opening, Barry Windsor Smith had a pretty good SUPER quick run on the book…

Then Mark Moretti had a 10 issue run and Kevin VanHook had a five-issue or so arc.

The book was not BAD at this time, but nor was it exactly anything but average.

Some nice early Yvel Guichet artwork…

Ted Halstead probably drew the most issues – he even drew the early issues of John Ostrander’s run (what is Halstead up to nowadays? I haven’t seen him do anything since Valiant).

Ostrander’s tenure also saw some incoming major talent – Paul Gulacy, Dale Eaglesham, Butch Guice – not too shabby, and since this IS Ostrander we’re talking about, the stories DID pick up a bit, but they were underwhelming compared to what you’d expect from Ostrander.

It also had one of the sillier cover gimmicks. There was an issue with a cover SO GRAPHIC that they could not show it in the Previews, and it came with a warning covering the cover image.

That cover image?

Yep, you got it – a severed arm.

That’s it.

Pretty silly – unlike Eternal Warrior, normally – normally it was an entertaining action comic – a lot like MacGuyver, really, right down to their mullets.

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