Valiant Could Be the Next Successful Cinematic Universe

Now, the last word on the VCU suggested that the first flick would arrive in early 2018 - but that's just not possible. There have been no official casting announcements made, though it has just been reported that Vin Diesel is in talks to star as Bloodshot. If the casting rumor turns out to be true, there's a good chance fans will hear more about the company's plans in 2018, as well as if there are any changes to the earlier announcements.

There is a Quantum and Woody series in development (helmed by Avengers: Infinity War co-directors the Russo brothers, no less), as well as a live-action web series. However, there's no word whether they'll exist inside the same universe like Marvel movies and television, or if it'll be more like the DCEU and the Arrowverse, Gotham, etc.

Cinematic Universes Aren't Guaranteed Success Stories, But...


Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO of Valiant, has studied the output of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, which have met two very different levels of success, and thinks he has the key to succeeded alongside them. “We’ve watched everyone very carefully. And our point of view, the best way to fight Marvel and DC is to not. We’re not going head-to-head,” Shamdasani said in an interview with Inverse. “We’re not going to jump out of the gate and try to make this universe. We’re going one brick at a time. Everything we’re doing is just making the first as good as possible, and build from there.”

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The Dark Universe, Universal Studios planned classic movie poster universe, was definitive proof that not every cinematic universe can be successful. The DU had a stacked roster of actors - Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem, Angelina Jolie, and more - but was too focused on creating a universe, instead of a solid bunch of good movies. Executives behind the Dark Universe left after the disappointing box office performance and audience reaction to the Mummy, and it now seems like it's defunct.

Shamdasani sounds like he has identified where the Dark Universe, and to an extent the DCEU, went wrong, and just why the MCU has been such a cash-cow for Marvel Studios and Disney. No doubt, Valiant will be looking to apply the best bits from each universe it has studied to its own characters and particular vision. If it can pull it off like it did with its comics branch, then we expect VCU will be a massive success.

Why The Valiant Cinematic Universe Will Be A Success

When it launched in the '90s from Jim Shooter and Steven Massarky, Valiant started off hot. In 1994, the publisher was sold to Acclaim Entertainment, and just 10 years later, Acclaim went bankrupt. Subsequently, Valiant was no more. Shamdasani and his partners acquired the company and all of its characters in 2005, and have done an amazing job rehabbing the entire Valiant Universe, making it bigger and better than ever. Focusing on the company's core set of characters and telling stories in a modern platform has allowed Valiant to move from strength to strength, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Valiant Debuts First Live-Action X-O Manowar Photo

Along with classics like Bloodshot and the Harbinger teens, new characters like Faith will be main players in the VCU, and stand a strong chance of connecting with audiences hungry for more female heroes after the incredible success of Wonder Woman. Audiences have proven that they really want to see diverse characters and something they've never seen before in theaters, not just another white, straight male superhero. Superhero movies need to become more diverse if they are to keep audiences interested, and Valiant is perfectly poised to make the most of this. The company has characters unlike anything the MCU and DCEU has offered thus far, so it wouldn't be a huge shock if they were not only among the first seen in Valiant's upcoming universe, but also the VCU's biggest strength.

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