Valiant Could Be the Next Successful Cinematic Universe

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While there have plenty been movies based on a variety of comic books both before and after the Marvel Cinematic Universe's inception, aside from the DC Extended Universe, no studios have tried to build an entire universe based on characters from any other comic book publishers.

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Until now. Valiant Entertainment has partnered with Sony to develop and create a shared movie universe of its own - which we'll dub here as the Valiant Cinematic Universe, or VCU. Since the initial announcement, things have been quiet for the most part, but once things get moving, Valiant should prove it has what it takes to be the next great superhero movie universe.

Valiant is the largest privately-owned comics publisher in the business, known these days for its limited but quality output. Every book Valiant releases is meticulously planned out, from storylines to creative teams. Instead of pushing out books left and right, Valiant opts to publish stories it really believes in. This resonates with Valiant readers, who are often rabidly supportive of the publisher's work. Valiant and Sony will, no doubt, be looking to replicate this winning formula when it comes to the big screen, so let's look at why we think they'll be able to do just that.

As we previously stated, Valiant only publishes a small amount of ongoing series based on its characters, which means its roster of heroes and villains is tighter than Marvel or DC. Rather than a weakness, however, this is a strength, as it allows the publisher to focus on really developing personalities, back-stories and inter-personal relationships. This seems to be what Valiant and Sony plan to do when translating the characters to film.

Valiant and Sony are working together to bring Harbinger to theaters first. The planned story follows teenager Peter Stanchek who has impressive telekinetic powers - where Bloodshot, a mortally injured soldier who is resurrected with nanotechnology, will be used as the primary antagonist. From there, a Bloodshot movie will follow, as the studios begins to set plot lines in motion that will lead to a Harbinger Wars movie.

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