Valiant Brings the Original World's Worst Superhero Team to NYCC

With New York Comic Con 2013 right around the corner, Valiant Entertainment has released an intriguing "Quantum and Woody"-themed teaser for an upcoming convention announcement. The image is similar to a teaser that ran promoting the debut of James Asmus and Tom Fowler's "Quantum and Woody" relaunch in March. However, this teaser has the notable word "Original" before "World's Worst Superhero Team," which could have any number of implications, the foremost being a project related to the book's original run by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright.

"'Quantum and Woody' has an incredible fan base for a reason, and both Priest and Bright are integral to that," Shamdasani told CBR in March. "We're huge fans of theirs and have been talking to them for years about a bunch of different projects -- most recently one that I'm super excited about. The goal for us, though, was -- we were very focused on what James Asmus and Jody LeHeup, who is the editor on "Quantum and Woody," and Tom Fowler and colorist Jordie Bellaire have been doing on the version of the book joining the new Valiant Universe. Our focus has been there. We have a couple things up in the air with [Priest], and we're pulling to circle back and solidify them now that we have the new series up and running in a place we're happy about."

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