EXCLUSIVE: Valiant Unveils Breakthrough's Future World Character Designs

In 2019, the Valiant Universe will experience a "Breakthrough."

Throughout the year, Valiant Entertainment will explore a variety of different genres by combining its biggest characters with a who's who of A-List creative talent. One of these projects is Fallen World, a five-issue series by Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Adam Pollina (X-Force). The series will explore the distant future of the Valiant U, a "cyberpunk future unlike any they’ve ever seen before. In the year 4002 AD, the cyborg samurai called Rai will face an impossible battle for the fate of humanity."

Though it doesn't arrive until May, Valiant is more than ready to start offering fans a glimpse of the series, and share some insight into how it will affect the Valiant Universe, despite being set nearly two thousand years from now. Below, Abnett discusses his and Pollina's approach to the project, while artist AJ Jothikumar shares a look at his designs, art which gives familiar heroes a new spin, while introducing new characters to the book's cast.

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EXCLUSIVE: AJ Jothikumar's revamp of Rai for Fallen World

"I’m excited for Fallen World, and these character designs show why. Valiant has its own universe, and it’s particularly distinctive and unmistakable," Abnett told CBR. "Fallen World explores the future of the Valiant Universe, which extrapolates and develops characters and concepts from the contemporary set Valiant stories. They’re letting me play with this, and it deserves a tone and quality just as distinctive and unmistakable. We’re taking our lead from the great work already done in this part of the Valiant Universe in the Rai series and the 4001AD event and pushing it further."

EXCLUSIVE: From left, AJ Jothikumar's designs for Fallen World characters The Circadian, Bloodshot, Raijin and Karana

"AJ’s designs are fantastic," Abnett enthused. "He’s visually refreshing key existing characters like Rai and Bloodshot, and supplying new looks for supporting cast members like Karana and Lula. This is a whole new world - not just because it’s “Valiant future”, but because of the literally earth-shattering events of 4001AD. A new age, a new dawn, a new culture growing up with a look of its own. And just check out characters like the Circadian (second left on the line up). I mean, come on! That’s so visually strong you just need to know what his story is!"

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EXCLUSIVE: From Left to right, AJ Jothikumar's designs for Fallen World characters Lula, Ka'Orta and a Kor'tanga Warrior

"It’s very cool to be developing these ideas and weaving a story with them, and its great to have clear and inspired visual designs from the get-go. Too often, you ‘design as you go’, getting visuals to match concepts that are already in motion. AJ’s providing incredible groundwork from the outset, locking down a fantastic look and feel that we can trust and build on."

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