Valiant to Launch Breakthrough Lineup in 2019

Valiant Entertainment announced it will launch four brand new limited series in 2019 as part of its Breakthrough line of titles.

SyfyWire unveiled the first covers and descriptions of the four upcoming titles which are set to launch in Spring 2019. The line, which is called the "next step" in the success of the Valiant Universe, will feature titles told by master storytellers and is only a hint of what is still to come for the brand in the new year.

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The first of the four limited titles is The Life and Death of Toyo Harada. The series, which will be written by Joshua Dysart, was first announced at New York Comic Con in October. It will feature art by CAFU, Mico Suayan and a rotating lineup of guest artists, with Mico Suayan illustrating the cover for the first issue. The first of six issues is scheduled to hit stands in March 2019.

"The Life and Death of Toyo Harada" features the world's most powerful superhuman, Toyo Harada, CEO of Harada Global Conglomerates and secretly the head of the Harbinger Foundation, dedicated to recruit and develop young telekinetics called "psiots" like he once was. Recently, the Harbinger Foundation was destroyed by a massive psychic episode suffered by Harada, and out of its ashes he emerges, wanted and exposed, looking to impose his will on everyone.

Next up is Punk Mambo, a five-issue limited series penned by Cullen Bunn with art by Adam Gorham. The first issue is set to be released sometime in April 2019.

Dark magic, the UK punk scene and the Valiant superhero universe converge in this five-issue limited series, about a British voodoo priestess lurking just outside of New Orleans, who unleashes a supernatural adventure with equal parts terror and humor. Debuting in the 2014 digital exclusive comic, Punk Mambo #0 by Peter Milligan and Robert Gill, Bunn and Gorham look to bring Punk Mambo into the spotlight as a name to know in 2019.

The third title in the Breakthrough line is Fallen World. The five-issue series will be written by Dan Abnett with art by Adam Pollina. Fallen World will continue the tales told in the 4001 AD comic, will hit stands in May 2019.

Fallen World is a five-issue event series that will draw readers into a captivating cyberpunk future with the fate of humanity under seige. It is now the year 4002 AD, and the cyborg samurai called Rai looks to stand in the way of an ominous threat.

And the fourth and final title is Killers. The series, which hails from writer B. Clay Moore and artist Fernando Dagnino, is about a contest between the deadliest superspies on the planet as they compete for the ultimate prize. The five-issue limited series will kick off its run in June 2019.

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Regarding the new line, the newly promoted Valiant Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers called the forthcoming line the next step in Valiant's Universe, promising its only the beginning of what's to come. "These are extraordinary stories told by master storytellers, featuring comics’ most compelling villain, Toyo Harada; the main stage debut of Punk Mambo; the evolution of the future; and perhaps the scariest assembly of superspies the Valiant Universe has ever seen. I can’t wait to reveal what else is in store for 2019!"

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