Valiant Announces Five New Series for 2015

Valiant Entertainment has announced six new upcoming titles heading through 2015 for its "Valiant Next" initiative, including new books focusing on Ninjak, Timewalker, Bloodshot and more. The initiative begins in December with Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt & Paolo Rivera's "The Valiant" miniseries, which focuses on Eternal Warrior, Geomancer and Bloodshot.

The rest of the "Valiant Next" lineup will likely be familiar to those following the Valiant line since its 2012 relaunch, with many familiar writers and artists launching new books. The current lineup for 2014 is as follows:

"Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera are delivering an absolute monster of a book with 'The Valiant' and it's the perfect title to lead off 'Valiant Next'," said Valiant Editor-In-Chief Warren Simons via press release. "This is our most ambitious initiative yet, and everyone's bringing their A-game. The creative team of 'Archer & Armstrong' reuniting to launch 'Ivar, Timewalker.' Clay Mann on 'Ninjak' -- his first ongoing series at Valiant. Mico Suayan tearing it up with Jeff Lemire on 'Bloodshot Reborn'. Joshua Dysart and Doug Braithwaite together for the first time for the devastating events of 'Imperium'. Not to mention the introduction of an all-new, all-powerful force in 'Divinity' from the minds of Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine. It's a kick-ass time to be a Valiant fan."

Be sure to check out CBR's exclusive interview with Jeff Lemire on "Bloodshot Reborn" and stay tuned for more details on Valiant's upcoming 2015 launches.

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