Valiant Adds "Imperium Prelude" Pullout To February Titles

In its signature style, Valiant Entertainment is introducing the third of its five "Valiant Next" series for 2015 with a little bit of single issue papercraft.

In every standard February title, the publisher will include an "Imperium Prelude" to kickstart the new series from the Valiant veterans Joshua Dysart and Doug Braithwaite. The short story will be printed on cover stock paper and bound into the body of the regular monthly series. From there, it can be removed and read as its own short comic.

"Imperium" tells the story of the rise of Toyo Harada's empire and serves as a spiritual follow up to Dysart's work on "Harbinger." The first full issue arrives in February on the heels of January's new title "Ivar, Timewalker" and the first issue of the "Divinity" mini series earlier in the month.

Titles the pullout story will appear in include "X-O Manowar," "Rai," Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody." "Unity," "Quantum and Woody Must Die" and "Ivar, Timewalker." Prestige format series like "Divinity" and "The Valiant" will be excepted from the promotion.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on all of Valiant's 2015 releases.

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