Valerie Plame's Campaign Ad is Basically an Action Movie Trailer


Former undercover CIA agent, novelist and political hopeful Valerie Plame released a campaign video for her ongoing congressional run that feels like a trailer for an action movie.

Her spy operative-inspired campaign video, "Undercover," is just under a minute long but is framed like something out of a Hollywood movie. Plame speaks about her life and makes mention of famous political figures who have played a key role in her story as she speeds around and shows her driving skills in a deserted area. Then, there's the dramatic voice-over from the political hopeful, showcasing her life in pictures and dramatic, scenic views, of Washington, DC. She also offers different critiques of the government and makes mention of 2003's Plame affair, a high-profile leak in which she was publicly identified, resulting in a criminal investigation.

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Plame, who announced her candidacy in May, is one of about six people running for New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District seat. She's running as a Democrat. The district’s current lawmaker, Ben Ray Lujan, is making a U.S. Senate bid.

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