Valentino, Mahfood, Morse and more form "A United Front"

Official Press Release

June 8th, 2004 (Amarillo, TX) -- When established talents come togetherwith newcomers and unknowns, diversity is the name of the game. From talesof unrequited love to comedy to science fiction and beyond, the 2004 issueof the Cartoon Militia's A UNITED FRONT anthology defines the word eclectic.

Scott Morse (SOULWIND, SOUTHPAW) brings us "Earl," a bear whose adventureswill be appearing in a few other anthologies this year. Jim Mahfood (GRRLSCOUTS, BAD IDEAS) comes at us with "Clumsy Assassin." Steve Rolston(POUNDED, QUEEN & COUNTRY) returns to the Militia with his first "JackSpade & Tony Two-Fist" strip in four years. Lindsay Satterlee and TEM teamup to illustrate S. Steven Struble's "The Li'l Depressed Boy," which makesits fourth appearance in the anthology.

A UNITED FRONT 2004 features other stories by Jose Garibaldi (JINGLE BELLE:DASH AWAY ALL, TEEN HEAVEN), Dave Crosland (HEAVEN LLC, BAD IDEAS), Debbie,TEM, Corey Barba, Shane Hillman, Lindsay Satterlee, Espen Jorgensen, ErikRose, Zach Trover, Jamie McKelvie, and Knut André Solberg.

All this and a cover by alternative comics veteran and normalman creator,Jim Valentino!

"I'm just floored by the stories we've got this year. The quality goes upwith every issue. We've stormed the gates and staked our flag. Ourforward offensive keeps marching on," said "The General," the CartoonMilitia's publisher S. Steven Struble.

The 32-page A UNITED FRONT 2004 [JUN04 2326], ships to stores in lateJuly/Early August with a cover price of $3. Readers, please ask your localcomic book retailer to reserve your copy today.

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