Valentino debuts Batman, Superman and Spider-Man sneakers

The designers at Valentino must have an appreciation for superheroes, or at least their aesthetic. After first introducing a capsule collection inspired by Wonder Woman, the Italian fashion house has partnered with DC Comics and Marvel for a trio of sneakers based on Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

Of course, these aren't just any sneakers. Made in Italy from premium calf leather, they offer a new take on each of the hero's iconic imagery. For instance, the yellow-and-black Batman sneaker features a butterfly (or maybe it's a moth) instead of the signature Bat-emblem, while Superman swaps the trademark S-shield for ... I'm not sure what that is. An "A"?

The red-white-and-black Spider-Man shoe retains the web pattern, but instead of the expected Spider-logo, there's a heart.

However, before you proclaim that you'll take all three, you should probably take note of the price: $895. That's per pair.If you can't part with that kind of cash, there are corresponding T-shirts -- Spider-Man is particularly cool -- for $595.

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(via Highsnobiety)

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