Valentino, Champagne cover Hannigan's <i>DC Sampler #1</i>

So earlier today I posted about the Hero Initiative's benefit party for Ed Hannigan at WonderCon, and the auctions they're holding to raise money for the ailing artist.

One of the pieces they're auctioning off is a "homage" piece that Jim Valentino and Keith Champagne drew based on Hannigan's cover to a promo book that DC put out in 1983, called DC Sampler #1. I believe this was a free item -- or at least was really, really cheap -- that you could get from your local comic shop. It previewed the company's publishing plans for the coming year, with pages dedicated to Amethyst, Omega Men, Arion, Arak, Firestorm and several other DC titles at the time.

The new version, however, isn't a one-for-one homage ... the duo took the same basic layout and replaced the DC characters with ones from Marvel, as you can see in the above image. The characters in the new piece are even in the same poses as their DC counterparts (with the exception of Spider-Man, who Valentino and Champagne added to the big tower-like structure in the middle). It looks like they had a lot of fun with it.

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