Val Kilmer is the Least-Identifiable Dark Knight on <i>Life's Too Short</i>

Val Kilmer is known for his roles in everything from Top Gun to Willow to Heat, but apparently it's his work in Batman Forever that's really stuck with him. In a hilarious scene from Warwick Davis and Ricky Gervais' comedy Life's Too Short, Kilmer dons the cowl once again for a "routine" he likes to do.

Apparently, that consists of him putting on the Batman mask and then making an unsuspecting person guess which Batman actor he is. Unfortunately for Davis' secretary, that's easier said than done. She can't seem to remember that Kilmer played Batman as well as people like Christian Bale, Adam West and George Clooney -- she really loves George Clooney -- and she even at one point speculates that Kilmer could be "cartoon version."

The best part comes at the end when Kilmer finally takes the mask off and reveals himself. The secretary's response? "Oh, are you an actor?" Amazing.

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