The Dank Side: 25 Hilarious Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren vs Darth Maul Memes

The Star Wars franchise has always been a story about the triumph of light over dark. Pushing those two contrasting themes together into an epic battle is always reliable for great feel good entertainment, but what happens when we zoom into the shade of gray? This list looks at 25 memes that dive into the nuance of Star Wars’ most evil villains. Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren have all forged very different paths through the Dark Side, but all of them live to serve the Order of Sith. Despite their differences, there’s also a lot of overlap. This list will look at the angst of Darth Maul and Kylo Ren, the military precision of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, and unresolved emotional pain that fuels each character’s search for vindication.

With the revelation that Vader is Luke’s father, Star Wars took the battle of good vs. evil, and made it personal. The latest trilogy of movies has tried to show a similar journey of the fine line between good and evil, and what it takes to push a person down either side of that path. This list will take a closer look at what it took for Darth Vader to push Emperor Palpatine into a pit. Here are 25 Darth Maul vs. Darth Vader vs. Kylo Ren Memes.


The parallel masks makes perfect sense to fans of the franchise, but in the movies it was never explained quite to continuity’s satisfaction. Did Kylo Ren purposefully don that mask to mimic his grandfather? The new trilogy has seen Ren try and distance himself from Vader’s legacy, but from what we’ve seen, Kylo will never be the villain that Darth is. At least not yet. If anything Kylo’s not quite fit to wear that mask.

The Last Jedi saw Kylo destroy that mask in a fit of adolescent rage, due to a completely unrelated incident. But finding your way through the Force can be difficult and for a guy in his position, feeling betrayed by everyone he counted as family and friend, it can be frustrating when you can’t even join the Dark Side of the Empire to get away from your family’s influence. Growing up and finding his way has been a hard road for Kylo Ren, and when he looks at his family all he can see is their crazy, perfectly posed faces staring back at him, showing him the worst parts of himself. The black mask is making more and more sense as a fashion choice for these guys.


It does seem to happen quite a lot. A savvy intergalactic architect might ask: Why are there all of these giant crevasses of pipeline leading straight down in almost every one of this space structures. A savvy martial artist or fight choreographer might ask: Why are you fighting near the cliff where you can easily fall to your doom? Both would have valid queries. Many of the Sith Lords have coincidentally fallen down shafts that mock their hubris. Lord Sidious, aka Emperor Palpatine, was thrown violently down into a pit by his former student Darth Vader. Darth Maul was cut in two and stumbled down to his apparent death down a bottomless pit. Count Dooku was de-handed and then decapitated on solid ground, he probably shouldn’t be included in this meme, but the graphic makes a greater point about the path of the Dark Side being a never ending path of hollowness and echoing self pity.

That’s not to say that the road of the Jedi is one that comes to any cleaner destination. Both paths are ongoing, meant to be enduring, unresolvable quests. But where the Jedi search for ongoing understanding, the Sith can’t help themselves but fall deeper into their own desires.


The comparison between Vader and Kylo Ren isn’t a favorable one, and it wasn’t helped by Vader one upping himself with his appearance in Rogue One. To follow that up with the rawest, most emotional Sith fans have ever seen on screen in The Last Jedi, fans got something closer to book five of Harry Potter, rather than the villain of a generation. The villain’s journey this trilogy is trying to show is admirable, but despite Adam Driver’s best efforts, audiences stop short of love to hate, and they all too frequently end up rooting for the young, Force-talented, white, male, prodigy.

The question of whether or not Kylo will be redeemed is still somehow up in the air, despite all of his actions to this point, his emotional turmoil is given more cinematic attention than his crimes against entire planets and species. If Vader is an unfair comparison, try Palpatine: Kylo Ren may be the next Chosen One, but his potential for power is far lower just because he’s a nervous, out of control mess. All of these kids today are going through a Dark Side phase. It’s a predictable rebellion from his family of Jedi, especially after they seriously considered killing him.


At their core, these are just working stiffs. Like the guys from Goodfellas, most of the apprentices with the Sith are just regular guys who are taking a little risk to scrape by the only way they can. That argument starts to begin making sense when placed in the context of Star Wars. If any franchise could play an earnest light/dark saga, with equal tension on both sides, it’s this one. Recent Star Wars movies have gone to great lengths to illustrate the bureaucracy behind the Empire and the cartoons and books dive into the philosophy of the Sith far deeper. Contrary to the implication of this meme, a tenure track toward “Darth” status isn’t like any other lane in the rat race.

At the heart of every master of the Force’s evil ways is a kernel of anger, pain, or other negativity. Star Wars is brilliant at explaining the connection between emotions, but it never goes so far as to suspend ethics entirely. Unfortunately for the work-a-day Darth Vader pictured in this meme, his argument that he’s just a working stiff, doing the best with what he’s got, runs out at the water’s edge. Serial genocide, in this case, is the water’s edge that Darth Vader can’t quite escape from -- no sympathy for this guy.


Darth Maul, on the other hand, will get a little bit of pity from this list. This meme brings up an arguable point about his role in Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999). Ray Park played the role of the main antagonist of the entire movie that only had one speaking line. Despite his terse dialogue, Maul still made an impression on fans with his elaborate character design and pure evil origins. He’s from a planet called Dathomir, and they pretty much all look like that there.

In addition to Maul’s intriguing appearance, his apprenticeship to Darth Sidious also places him in prominent position in the new wave of the Sith Order. Sidious was also Darth Vader’s teacher, so Maul is simply one of the students in the class ahead. Kylo Ren is the pupil of another master all together, but the theme of manipulative male mentorship is prevalent among the Sith. The Jedi run a similar master/padawan hierarchy, but the Sith system always seemed more shadowy until Darth Maul was introduced to the canon and the apprenticeship was codified. Like any student, Maul is going on a voyage of discovery of his own, having been recently reintroduced to the franchise in Solo. Hopefully fans will discover Darth Maul making his return in an upcoming movie.


The Gorillaz are releasing a new album this summer, and just in time, this meme lovingly converts each member of Star Wars’ team of dark daytrippers onto their classic Demon Days album. The comparison is flawed from the ground up since the Lords of Darkness could never shoulder their animosity and inner turmoil enough to band together and create any music. Optimists may predict a creative revelation, echoing angsty sentiments of Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, or maybe even Oasis. More likely a best case scenario would mirror something like a head trippy Chemical Brothers.

The order of the Sith is presented as a strong brotherhood in the Star Wars canon, but it always fails to come off as the cool brotherhood of a punk band, or a motorcycle gang, or a comedy troupe. Since the movies are mostly made from the perspective of respect for humanity, the Dark Side is portrayed as a little bleak and the brotherhood they offer feels far more cult-like, using all the creepiest Greek Fraternity Letters, and placing a heavy emphasis on symbolic objects and ornamentation. The Gorillaz just want to make Brit-Pop. No one wants megalomaniacal villain supergroups in their Spotify anyway. How would it look admitting to someone: “you know, a couple of their singles have really gotten into my head.”


No offense meant, to either Billy Joel or Darth Vader, but the resemblance is uncanny, as this side by side proves. Return of the Jedi (1983) showed this fleshy, scalpy, under-mask shot, revealing the Anakin Skywalker behind the Darth Vader, and struck an odd reaction from fans. It’s similar to the reaction that comes from a crowd of old Billy Joel fans who go out to see him in person now. First disbelief, then recognition, then an understanding of the cycle of life.

Even on comparison to other Sith Lords, Old Anakin is on the decrepit side, and that’s really saying something for this crowd of hatemongers. Palpatine, Snoke, Grievous, and even Kylo Ren are all distinguished by physical infirmities, and the broken, emotionally battered version of Darth Vader that fans saw just before his passing was by far the most gruesome. As for what this does for Vader’s ranking among his peers, unless you’re a Springsteen fan, this should lower his stock. Vader’s got a lot of flaws, but who else on that cast could be compared to an '80s adult contemporary crossover rock and roll sensation? And no, Michael Chiklis has never been in Star Wars.


For all the Force speak that’s offered up as explanation over the course of more than nine movies and dozens of side projects, this is the clearest explanation of Star Wars politics the internet has come up with so far. Before this property was elevated to a Homeric tale of Good and Evil, most of the ethical rationale that’s presented in this universe really does come down to be as black and white as this meme.

Star Wars, at its best, represents the closest modern day utopia story. Lucas has infused his world with a governing principle that is literally invisible on purpose, so that it permeates everything, but it’s independent, so it’s equally accessible by good and evil. The concept stumbles whenever it has to enter shades of gray, and soars when it’s spread out over a long quest of good triumphing over evil. The one thing the franchise is missing is an elaboration on this idea of the Empire just consisting of simplistic, story cookies. Getting the story of Finn, the defecting Stormtrooper, was fantastic. Also, if more movies focused on the Empire, the schedule of doing one movie a year would really loosen up. Maybe after Boba Fett, The Knights of Ren could hold their own movie. Crossover with Adam Driver to be negotiated.


Here’s a quick side by side of Darths Maul and Vader, just in case a visual aid is helpful to get up to speed on the two most evil antagonists in cinema history. This is a Lego representation, (not the last one on this list either), and it does a great job of comparing the two, but despite its best efforts, before the comparison goes onward, a moment should be taken to evaluate whether this is even appropriate.

Like MJ versus Lebron, is it really fair to compare what these two talented individuals in their field are capable of, across generations? Darth Maul was an apprentice far earlier in the history of Sith Lords than when Vader came along. Each was facing a totally different threat. At the time, Maul was squaring off against an order of Jedi at full strength, a difficult conference, of Force adepts, and then Vader comes along, dismantles the thing from the inside, right when there’s a war on. Right place, right time, of course he’s successful. The science adapted under Darth Vader looked a little bit more advanced than what Maul was working with too, in all that circuitry and medical technology, there easily could have been a cocktail injected in there to boost his midichlorian count. Just saying.


Of all the Sith that have made it into the main Star Wars canon thus far, Darth Vader is the only family warlord that’s been introduced. It’s not clear how Sith would parent their children on the rare occasion it ever happens, but there’s probably not a lot of love in the household. From the moment that child woke up until they fell asleep, they would be getting a crash course in manipulation and power accumulation, as long as their soul didn’t crumple.

A crumpled soul was the face Carrie Fisher put on for that moment in A New Hope (1977) when she saw her planet blasted to smithereens. She didn’t even know her father was behind that one, or that Darth Vader was her father, but that obviously wasn’t an attempt of his to be protective. Princess Leia also looked like a pretty competent diplomat and revolutionary operative before being captured, so it’s not like the moment can be claimed to shape any of her finer qualities. This meme somehow barely scratches the surface of the Vader/Leia relationship, because there was probably never that much there in the first place. It seems like Vader was one of those “he came from a different generation” kind of Dads, not so much into parenting his daughters.


This meme has the audacity to imply that even Kermit the Frog, world famous muppet, has a little bit of the Dark Side in him. It’s incredible how a simple black hood can change one’s character so much, but this meme encourages students of Star Wars morality to take a step back and recognize that what’s at stake is the light and force with which one views themselves.

Kermit, symbolizing childlike curiosity, can barely stand to look at his sewn on button eyes in the mirror once he’s crossed over to the Dark Side in his heart and soul. Instead, he sees himself in a shroud of guilt. As this list goes on to measure the existing Sith Lords that feature prominently in the Star Wars saga, it will keep in mind that each of these characters has a Kermit the Frog within them that simply can’t bare to take its hood off. Kicking the list off with #25, Darth Kermit sets a tone for the following study of Star Wars hommes noir: in measuring the extent of their evil, one may hope to gain some semblance of their full character. Another thing this meme asks us: if Kermit is a Sith Lord, does that mean Gonzo is Luke Skywalker?


Cheers to the late, great, Alan Rickman, who in addition to playing Severus Snape in the entire run of Harry Potter films, also looks a heck of a lot like a Adam Driver, leading to this crossover meme. Even if he was still with us, pulling Rickman into a Star Wars movie to deliver this line would be unlikely, even though it is just the kind of curveball director Rian Johnson would throw into the new saga.

Kylo’s parents, as laid out in The Force Awakens, are Leia and Han Solo, much to his chagrin. Kylo would probably be delighted to learn that Alan Rickman was his father. Even though some of the lineage is up in the air for the current batch of Star Wars heroes, Ren’s parentage is pretty well established. If that Harry Potter crossover did happen, Dumbledore would be welcome to join the Rebels in the fight against the Empire, Voldemort would ally with the Sith, Snape would actually still play a double agent, Star Wars hasn’t seen a great double agent yet. Meanwhile Hagrid and Jar Jar Binks can go frolicking around with Ewoks. Magic wands, lightsabers, we're sure the leap to blend these two worlds would be easier than it seems.


Here’s another meme that comments on the apprenticeship program with Sith Communications LLC. Is it paid? They never tell you in the advertisements whether or not it’s paid. Not everyone has the luxury of dropping three, six, nine months, a lifetime, to pursue a program for one of their hobbies. No, of course Darth Maul isn’t writing letters home to his family giving him updates on how many Republic guards he decapitated that day. War is rough business.

The apprenticeship of Darth Maul, or even the journey of one of his own young learners is definitely a parallel trilogy that should be in development for their Star Wars empire. Since there truly seems to be no end in sight. Knock the MCU out with an interconnected universe of your own. Two friends: they each struggle through trilogies of movies tracing their dalliances with the Dark and Light Side (hey, why not mix it up here and there), and then the final three movies, seven through nine about how they come together, try to establish a force to eradicate the Sith for good, settle for most of the way, the End. Star Wars has always been about a saga, meaning a story across generations; every film from here on out should be weaving more onto that web.


This meme brings up a good point and reiterates the value of a grandfather’s love. After Anakin Skywalker fell off the wagon, it was a slippery slope. Granted, his fall from grace was a clumsy one that could have been averted at several turns if there wasn’t so much pressure on him to be the chosen one, but once you turn over to the Dark Side, you don’t really have anyone to blame but yourself. Anakin ran out of cheerleaders for his talent and ambition when he committed himself fully, and subsequently, he and his mentor, Obi-Wan got into a big fight and his wife started an entire military action to try and keep him away from his kids. Anakin, now Vader, just can’t seem to get any support.

This meme does offer the glimmer of his grandson Kylo Ren’s admiration. After skipping a generation, the propensity to tend toward the more evil side of life landed in his only grandchild, that fans know about. Unfortunately, Kylo hasn’t told his grandfather that he actually despises him for his cowardice toward the end of his life, acquiescing to Luke and destroying Lord Sidious and crippling the Empire. No matter what he does, Darth Vader just can’t catch a break.


This meme serves to remind us that no conversation about Sith Lords is complete without some mention of Emperor Palpatine, pictured Senator Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious. This big bad of the Star Wars galaxy has been the puppeteer behind the scenes all along, but there’s not a lot of nuance built into the character beyond pure evil.

Sidious was apprenticed to Darth Plagueis, the Sith master that then Senator Palpatine tells a shadowy story about to Anakin. There’s definitely more there since Palpatine, killed his father, then killed his master, and rose to the top of the Galactic Senate at the same time, eventually succeeding in a coup to convert the Republic into an Empire. Who isn’t dying for a Young Palpatine movie? Where did all that pain come from, and how was he able to channel it so effectively into pure power? The Sith Lords who came after him, Maul, Vader, Ren, may have been born with more natural ability, but when it comes to manipulation and the accumulation of power, bow down to Emperor Palpatine. The only hint that fans have about the horrors of Palpatine’s past is his quest to reverse death. In addition to granting him long life, maybe the ultimate Sith master became who he was to resurrect a family member?


Both halves of this meme is correct if it’s referencing the battle from The Force Awakens where Ren faces off against Rey in a lightsaber duel. The weapon Rey was using belonged to Luke who rebuilt it from one of Anakin Skywalker’s old lightsabers. So when Kylo demands the sword of the Sith Lord, his revered grandfather, he’s got a point. However, Indy’s right too, that thing shouldn’t still be in battle, put it on the shelf. This the same lightsaber that struck down Obi Wan Kenobi, that saw Anakin through his transition from Jedi Knight to Sith Maniac. It’s a little odd to hear such advice from Han Solo, one of the most Force insensitive people in the galaxy, as well as Kylo Ren’s father, but the Millenium Falcon’s pretty old too, he must have a fondness for antiques.

There are elements of Indiana Jones that overlap with Star Wars, since George Lucas is a founding writer on both projects, but one thing that the Star Wars franchise has lost as of late is the prospect of a galaxy full of mystery and adventure. Indiana Jones, even though he was always on Earth, he never knew what was around each corner.


This shockingly well drawn movie mash-up puts a couple of assumptions on the Star Wars franchise. Like the Lion King, these movies are all about family, but t’s in a far stranger setting. It makes more sense for a savannah, pack animal, story to be about family, than for a futuristic space odyssey, spanning all political and ethical boundaries, but that’s part of its charm. Coming of age is also a huge theme in both of these movies. Earlier this list has already called the Kylo Ren story a villain’s journey, the same could be said for the prequels telling Anakin’s story of his descent into villainy. Now, fans have Rey in the story to cling to for a new New Hope, but she doesn’t fit into the Lion King meme. Only one female part in that cartoon movie designed to enrich young children, btw.

It’s already been explained in the movies that Kylo has a mixed reverence for his grandfather, proud of the Sith-like evil accomplishments of his Death Star project, but ashamed of his failure to kill Luke. Family can be rough. Hopefully the next Star Wars movie contains an extended sequence where Kylo is frolicking with two inspirational friends, singing and growing up. Hakuna Matata already sounds like a Star Wars character.


Even Legos can’t get enough of Adam Driver. Darth Vader never appeared shirtless, if that comparison hasn’t been beaten to death yet. The notoriously austere, serious, Juilliard trained, Adam Driver was featured in an extended shirtless sequence, both when he was Force bonding with Rey, telepathically, and in a fit of rage, all too conveniently forcing every muscle to flex.  The gratuitous male toplessness delighted fans, probably because, as mentioned, Driver is a Juilliard trained actor, he really made the scene work. It has since become a meme around Twitter, body shaming people into taking the “Adam Driver Challenge” and filling their cell phone screen with a shirtless photo wearing only Kylo Ren’s studious, high-waisted, black, Sith pants.

Even Odysseus took his shirt off sometimes and this pit stop on Kylo Ren’s villain/hero’s journey will only serve to endear audiences to the character even more, and to be fair, that sequence wasn’t even the most gimmicky part of the current state of Star Wars, so sign us up for the feels. An argument in some fan circles: how much more Star Wars can we really take/do we really want, has just been stoked with a Presto Log, with this new direction for the franchise.


If the next trilogy of movies doesn’t introduce an intergalactic Sigmund Freud, they’re missing a huge opportunity. The other great Sith to assassinate the man that initiated his birth: Darth Sidious. The latest version of Kylo Ren was anything but settled, even after murdering his father, Han Solo, at the end of The Force Awakens, spoilers. This is reasonable however, since his uncle, Luke, was the one who really tried to kill him. Also Luke Skywalker was always the stronger Force bender than Han was, so he stood a more direct competition. As Star Wars Freud (likely one of a species of brain aliens) would say, the issues are not yet resolved.

He would then probably say that Kylo Ren had to marry his mother. Due to real life events, even JJ Abrams won’t be able to make that happen in the next movie, but psychoanalysis is likely to hold a key to the events of each lead character’s conclusion. It might seem strange to some that the franchise is flirting with a certain them for a second time, initiating a relationship between Kylo and Rey, without settling the issue of her parentage, but the story could be going in any direction, and that connection just happened to be made on-screen. However, Star Wars Freud would say there are no accidents.


Some fans of Queen may regret the comparison to this collection of the most feared and dangerous Sith Lords from a galaxy far far away, maybe Bowie is the better analog for Space Opera. But as groups of highly performative, passionate, raucous guys with a passion for stringed anthems go, the Sith Lords do a fair job inhabiting the four British rock and rollers on their most notorious album cover.  Dark Side inspired singles repurposed by this group of cantina-rock bad guys include: Fat Bottomed Lightsabers, Killer Force, and Another Planet Bites The Dust.

"Don’t Stop Them Now", this album cover further demonstrates why a dark-as-a-black-hole Sith inspired movie could balance out Star Wars’ box office Force. A Knights of Ren Tale, that combines all the best parts of feeding your darkest passions and channeling fury into power, while singing along to arena rock in the grand auditorium of deep space. A grand old opera of domineering characters, raw emotion, and toxic masculinity that could or could not end in a Reservoir Dogs-style Mexican standoff of angry Sith, Force choking each other into surrender. But with lasers, spaceships, landspeeders, so you know it’s still classic Star Wars.


The Empire, or the separatists, or whichever faction is being puppeteered by the Sith, does seem to rely heavily on giant, intimidating, moon-shot demonstrations of power. Vader, in his most intimidating headshot, makes a valid point about those who question the Force. Consistently through the movies, the Force plays a subversive role in mass culture, running just under most people’s radar, regarded just above superstition to the galaxy at large.

Vader’s logic runs out at the point where the Force and technology must intersect. Technology, all weapons, even Death Stars, originate from scientific principles, based out of nature, which must also be the source of the Force. So it seems like this concept is in the very early stages, the true powers and nature of this energy source is hardly understood, but the Force has dabbled in pseudo-science before, so there’s at least some overlap. The introduction of midichlorians as the particles that generate the Force, shows at least one hypothesis of scientific testing and exploration. Considering other references to the Force as a far more religious calling, this shows a broad scope. As we all know, societies at all ranges of development, even in galaxies not so far away, can have trouble embracing science, so Vader’s not alone.


Asked and answered. Darth Vader was, arguably, the original Lord Voldemort, cornering the market on all modern, sleek, talented, conflicted, villains. The two have enough in common though that the match isn’t over as quickly as one would think. Both have failed to overcome the crippling absences of their father. Both were so talented at a young age, it was literally scary. Both are obsessed with defeating their former masters. Vader is correct on his coolness supremacy though, even if only because he’s scary at a distance. From far away, people can see a black shape moving on the horizon and they’ll know it’s Darth Vader, and the fear and anticipation will do his job for him. Voldemort had a good thing with the cult of fear built around his name, but he’s never been as physically intimidating. Never been able to be adapted well to a Pez dispenser, either.

Naturally, Voldemort would argue that looks aren’t everything, and a better comparison is his mastery of magic, vs Vader’s control over the Force. Vader might still have Voldemort beat because his relation to the force exists on such an intrinsic level. With his level of midichlorians, and the level of anger in his system, the Dark Side of the Force is literally coursing through his veins.


These two are still deep inside those characters, somewhere… but the Calvin and Hobbes life has not entered into the superego of either Vader or Kylo Ren in a long long time. If this meme is to be believed there’s still hope for these two. Somewhere deep inside their hearts, grandfather and son are aching to just run after each other through a wooded area that seems much larger than it really is, and lose themselves in their imaginations and friendship.

Can Calvin Vader and Kylo Hobbes be redeemed? Is there anything left of that person still inside? This meme deftly touches on the most striking leaps the themes of Star Wars has taken. In the first trilogy, audiences saw a little bit of that inner Calvin inside Darth Vader. When he finally sees himself in his son, and snaps out of his Spaceman Spiff savior fantasy, he does the right thing in the end. Parallel structure would suggest that this trilogy is trying to push Kylo Ren to the edge and then bring him back again. During The Last Jedi, Ren killed Snoke, but just when fans thought there might be some life in that old stuffed tiger, he ultimately succumbed to his more wild tendencies.


Fans of the auxiliary cartoons will know that Anakin Skywalker is no slouch when it comes to troop management. He’s not a naturally born people person, but he’s had plenty of experience leading groups. This meme is accurate when it implies that Darth Vader would likely be horrible to work for. In his favor, his experience as a General in the Clone Wars has given him decades of experience leading all kinds of missions, operations and special projects. Unfortunately, his radical conflict resolution skills are working against him. Anakin Skywalker is probably one of those bosses, who exist everywhere (except at CBR), who are in a position they think they’re overqualified for, like every Force prodigy feels, and they take it out on their subordinates.

He’s not the worst boss a lower level Empire career man could have. Kylo Ren has appeared to be an extremely difficult leader to work with, constantly prone to emotional outbursts, likely resulting in some lackluster performances from his team. But before one says that all Sith are bound to make horrible bureaucrats due to their inflamed emotions, Emperor Palpatine was as successful a Sith as there was and while he wasn’t a pleasure to work for, surely, he did effectively balance a double life, showing excellent organizational skills.


In the first Star Wars movie in over 20 years, Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the direction of the overall plot was a little scattershot. Episode I would serve as a template for the kind of movie the franchise still puts out today, with such an insecure vision that the film has tried to compensate by being just filled with stuff. Everything was jammed into those early movies, and the latest films still suffer from rickety designs by committee. Unfortunately for fans, Darth Maul’s character was one of the casualties of that first movie’s design. 

Movie star Ewan McGregor, and children’s toy Jar Jar Binks both got considerably more screen time than the movie’s lead antagonist, instead leaning on the character’s bold, demonic design to do most of the work creating scary stakes. Maul was cut in half by Obi Wan, but not until he managed to take down Qui-Gon Jinn and after it was all over, the movie star and the children’s toy moved on to do future movies. This left the mysteriously compelling antagonist with an unknown backstory, and Liam Neeson, are killed off for dramatic effect. And people wonder what’s happened to the state of Star Wars.

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