V For Vendetta, X-Men 3, Wonder Woman, El Muerto: June 6th Comic Reel Wrap


There are new photos from the London set up at Ain't It Cool News and This Is London, showing what could be considered spoilers for the Vertigo adaptation.


Numerous outlets, including Variety (subscription required), are reporting that director Brett Ratner has signed to take us back to Westchester. Coincidentally, Ratner was in the running to direct the first "X-Men" film and lost out to Bryan Singer, and likewise was being considered to direct "Superman," another film Singer ended up with.


According to AAP, "Dawson's Creek" alumna Katie Holmes is one of a group of actresses being considered to play Themyscria's Finest, including Jessica Biel, Kim Basinger, Mischa Barton and Charisma Carpenter. However, Comics Continuum caught her at the press junket for "Batman Begins," and she expressed no interest in test driving any invisible planes.


JoBlo.com has a bunch of new content on the Wilmer Valderrama-fueled indie comic adaptation, including an interview with creator Javier Hernandez and a look at the stand-up poster. Thanks to faithful reader Hector Lima for the head's up.


There were some "Family Guy" fans at Fantastic411, and they caught the new TV spot in glorious QuickTime, and have posted it for your review. There's also some spoiler-esque photos over at Superhero Hype.


Gotham's all abuzz with news today. The film's official website has been updated with new downloads, content for your mobile unit and more. Yahoo! Movies has posted a new clip in Windows Media format, and samples of the soundtrack can be found at this German site. There's also word that Wal-Mart stores around the country will have a special tie-in event on June 18th.

Meanwhile, a scooper at Moviehole claims that "Lachy Hulme 'is now a 98% certainty to play The Joker'" in a proposed sequel to the pending Bat-flick. Hulme's representatives had no comment. The site also has some spoilers about the proposed "Superman Vs. Batman," with plot details from an alleged finished script.

Meanwhile, Comics Continuum has a detailed feature about the Batmobile, a question-and-answer transcript with screenwriter David Goyer and producer Chuck Roven (which also discusses "Vs." ideas), and CBR's own Khalil Asadullah has a review of the film.


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