V For Vendetta, Tigress, Superman Returns, X-Men 3: November 16th Comic Reel Wrap


The official website made an announcement that four websites would be given an exclusive premiere of one-sheet images for the Alan Moore adaptation. The first site was Ain't It Cool News with an image they describe as "a very old school very post WWI but pre WWII German expressionistic poster design." According to the announcement, today you'll see the other three make their premieres on MTV.com, IGN and Underground Online (where the Comic Reel's writer does weekly comic book reviews, coincidentally). No love for CBR, alas ...


There's a somewhat confusing tidbit at USA Today alleging that "Lost" beauty Michelle Rodriguez "has signed a deal with Marvel Comics' Stan Lee to develop a film version of Conan the Barbarian comic book villainess Tigress." Given that Stan doesn't have the rights to any Conan-related properties, let alone Marvel deal-making cache, something might have been lost in translation. But it's worth noting, nonetheless.


Sci Fi Wire has some clues on how director Bryan Singer was able to incorporate Marlon Brando into the new film, using "a combination of unused footage, [used] footage and recreated footage. You won't necessarily see Marlon Brando walking around or reanimated in a conventional sense, but you will hear [dialogue] that you have heard before [and] takes that you haven't heard before and a rendering that is completely new ... very raw material ... A lot of the stuff was all over the place. A lot of the stuff was in vaults in New York [and] in Los Angeles. I got ahold of Brando's London [automated dialogue replacement, or looping,] session. I had very interesting out-takes, which are something to see. So there's a lot of material. It's great [also] to hear ... Dick's [Donner's] voice on the ADR sessions, on the raw material. There are a few really funny moments -- we called them 'Brando Bloopers' -- where you hear Dick and [an uncredited writer] Tom Mankiewicz in the background. It's cool."

There's a description of the proposed teaser trailer at Superhero Hype and they also note that it will appear on this week's episode of "Smallville."


Actor Ben Foster has been hitting the gym in preparation for his role as Warren Worthington III, according to this link over at the Superhero Hype message boards, complete with photos. The site also offers set photos.


It's beginning to look at lot like "Lexmas" over at Kryptonsite, as they have the official description for the holiday themed episode along with an image gallery that may startle some. be ready.

in the November 11th podcast at TV Guide, they talked to actress Erica Durance about the rumors swirling around the 100th episode and getting in touch with her inner stripper on the episode "Exposed."


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