V For Vendetta, Luke Cage, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider: April 19th Comic Reel Wrap


Ready for the first look inside totalitarian England? No, not some current campaign platform -- Superhero Hype has what appear to be the first set photos for the Alan Moore adaptation.


Producer Neal Moritz talked to About.com about his dream casting choice for the two-fisted Marvel adaptation. "Q: Who would you like to play Luke Cage? A: Jamie Foxx. Q: Have you met with Jamie Foxx on the 'Luke Cage' project? A: I talked to him about it, yeah. I don't know if it'll happen but I know he's wanting to do it. Q: Does Jamie Foxx read the Luke Cage comic books? A: He likes them, yes."


This German website has new photos from the upcoming Christian Bale-fueled action film, including Dr. Crane in Arkham and Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne together.


Australia's Herald Sun has some new details about the filming in Australia. "In four hours of chaos in central Melbourne last night there was a chase, shots were fired and a special police emergency team was called but no one was arrested. The cast and crew of the film 'Ghost Rider' moved to the heart of the city to shoot a scene from the movie that stars Nicolas Cage. While all the commotion caused some concern among pedestrians, their fears were soon put to rest when they realised [sic] the police uniforms were black. The unfamiliar marking 'Sheriff' on the sides of the cars also gave onlookers a clue, not to mention the dozens of cameras. Filming has closed the subway at the river end of Flinders St station until Thursday."


Speaking of Australia, their Channel 7 has video (Windows Media only) from the Sydney set.


Not so happy with the ending of the last vampire-themed sequel? Writer/director David Goyer talked to Sci Fi Wire about how nasty it could have been. "David Goyer, who wrote and directed Blade: Trinity, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming DVD will feature an ending that was written on-set, but never intended for the theatrical feature. 'The ending for the extended edition of the film has a bleaker ending than the theatrical release,' Goyer said in an interview. 'The movie that was released has the ending that was scripted. At one point, we did tinker around with another ending, another ending that would be a test, and that's what we decided to release on the extended version. ... I think the audience will find it darker.'"


Zap2It has fresh spoilers about the Smallville High prom and how Martha Kent will get involved, while Kryptonsite has another hacked email from Lex Luthor's Verizon phone.


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